Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ties to the Past

Recently I was visiting an old orphanage in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We were taken on a guided tour of the facility and told of the atrocities that occurred there. Apparently there was a woman who ran the place who abused the children put in her charge. The guide was also remarking about the ghosts that he felt inhabited the building and the experiences that had been reported there.

As I stood against the stone wall in the basement of the building, I attempted to connect with the memories contained in the stones and immediately I received a message. The message was that the reason the energy of the children and the headmistress remained in the building was due to the continued guided tours and retelling of the incidents of abuse and neglect. The woman's name was mentioned every time a guide took a group of people on a tour. The children that were tortured there were also somewhat stuck in the facility due to the continued calling in of their energy by the tour guide and the people who were taken on the tours and told of the incidents. I was told by my guides and the energy of the stones there that the woman and the children indeed had passed on and some had reincarnated into new lives but every time there was mention of these atrocities there were like strings that pulled on their souls and a portion of them was pulled back into this event from their past. They, in their conscious, living breathing bodies that they now inhabited had no memory of the events or of their past life in this building, but their cells remembered and many times their conscious, living, breathing person that they now were sometimes felt out of sorts or not quite there, and the reason is that a portion of their souls had been stolen away and held captive in this building from the energy of the people talking and thinking about them. This was such a revelation it took some time for me to comprehend its significance. This puts the whole concept of ghosts in a different light to me. Yes, I believe that at times there are spirits who are stuck in the earth realm, who have passed but have not crossed over. However, many times, I now believe, that energy that we pick up is from a portion of a person's soul that remains stuck due to trauma but energized by the mere thoughts and words of those living.

This concept was reinforced to me in several additional incidents. I have a friend who lost her pet and was consumed with the finding of this lost pet. She posted posters all over town and even went on a national news television spot asking for the return of her pet. Several of my intuitive friends and myself all felt like the pet was not alive, and I had told her this, but she continued on her campaign. At one point she came back to me again and asked if I had perceived any additional information. The answer that came out of my mouth surprised even me. I told her that her pet had died but was stuck between the worlds due to her grief. Her soul could not completely cross to the other side because she felt her energy being pulled back by the grief of her owner. I encouraged the owner to let her pet go and tell her that she loved her but it was okay to move on. This would enable the pet to go on to her next life.

This opens a whole door relating to grief. Do we really hold the souls of our loved ones captive when we can not stop grieving over their passing? I think in a way this can be true. Yes, our loved ones may pass on and go to the other side but if we continue in our grieving after a normal period of time, then I do think that a portion of their souls feels our grief and and somehow get pulled back. In my work with Shamanic journeying, I often find portions of people's souls being held captive by those who have loved them but cannot let them go. Sometimes it is tricky getting those people's souls back.

It is true that we are all connected. The people who we love have probably been with us through many lives. It is important to love people but not to hold on too tightly to their souls. It is also important to remember that our thoughts and words are energy that never dies. When we continually think and talk about people or events we are giving energy to that event or behavior of which we are thinking and talking. I have mentioned before that every thought and word is a prayer. We are divine creators. It is important to give thought to what we are creating.

Living in a historical town, there is often much energy given to historical events, particularly in this area civil war events. I remember years ago before I even had this revelation about energy I remarked that every time there was a civil war reenactment that energy was given to the mentality of war and fighting. I remember one year that on the same day as a large civil war reenactment in the area that there was an act of violence in a local school. No one gave thought of the two events being connected. When I mentioned the connection I was ridiculed. Hmmm. I think this is the same concept as the message I was given at the orphanage.

What energy are we connecting with in our day to day lives? Today think about if there is anyone you have not forgiven. This is a form of connectivity. It means there are still strings holding someone to you that is in a way holding you captive. Your soul and that person's soul are connected due to an event that you have not let go. Are you thinking or talking about anyone, past or present, to whom you are giving energy to an unhealthy pattern or habit?

Just for today, let's let go of anyone or anything that comes to mind that we may have an attachment to in an unhealthy way. Let us let go of judgment concerning the actions of others and not allow that energy to be reinforced by our thoughts and words. Let us send loving thoughts and words out into the Universe and reinforce the energy of love instead of the energy of hatred or fear. Let us release our loved ones from unhealthy grief or attachment and allow their souls to move on.

In a future blog I will talk about how to protect your soul from those thoughts or words directed at you that would steal your soul or hold it captive....

Monday, January 24, 2011


A while back I was driving to a friend's house and turned on my GPS even though I was relatively sure how to get to her house. At least twenty minutes before I was to reach the road where I was to turn to get to her house, my GPS gave me directions to turn on an unfamiliar road. I was sure the GPS must be mistaken and I kept going the way my mind knew to get to her house. At one point my GPS repeatedly said, "make the next u-turn, make the next u-turn." I could almost hear the computer lady inside my phone screaming at me that I had made a mistake. So I called my friend and she assured me I was going the right way. I did finally make it to her house and we had a lovely visit.

Just out of curiosity and because I was not in a time constraint to get home that evening, I decided to turn on my GPS and just follow the directions it gave me. Interestingly enough, my GPS cut at least fifteen minutes off my trip!!

This was such a lesson to me about listening to our internal GPS. We all have an inner guidance system that is constantly giving us directions. How often do we listen even if the directions we are receiving do not make sense to our conscious mind?

Then more recently my whole GPS lesson was put into question. My husband and I were driving to a location and we turned on our GPS only after my husband realized he may have missed our exit. We put in the address we wanted to go to and it seems that our GPS did not know that the road it had instructed us to turn on was a dead end street. We had to end up turning off the GPS and finding the address ourselves.

The thing we have to realize is that the GPS can only guide us with the information it has been given. Obviously whoever programmed the GPS didn't know that this street was a dead end. Maybe it was a street that used to go through but something changed. So I was forced to look within myself and find out if there was a lesson in this new incident.

I had my own preconceived ideas of this trip we were taking and how it was going to go. The end result was that the outcome was not at all like I had conceived it in my mind. I think my Guides were showing me that sometimes we may think that our internal guidance system is directing us but instead it may have old information that has not been updated. What we may think is direction from the higher realms may just be our own thinking clouding the ability of the higher realms to get through. And then our Guides have to throw us something completely out of left field, so to speak, to shake up what we believe and show us that something has changed. The street we thought we were supposed to take is now a dead end street and we will have to find another way.

I guess one way to look at this is that our Guides will only work with what has been programmed into us. Ten years ago I would not have gotten the same messages that I get now because my belief system at that time did not support some of the beliefs that I have now adopted. My internal GPS had to be reprogrammed to include more up to date information. It has taken many years for my internal GPS to be programmed the way it is now and I am sure that there will be many times when it will need to be updated or reprogrammed to include changes that my present belief system will not understand.

It is still always in our best interests to trust our inner guidance system. Yes sometimes it will need to be updated to include new information that was not available or acceptable to us in the past. If we end up on a wrong street, then there is a lesson to be learned there. Sometimes the lessons are in the side streets and the detours, not necessarily in the destination.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I Have a Dream

In light of Martin Luther King Jr's birthday and the holiday we are celebrating today honoring him, I was thinking about his speech entitled, "I Have a Dream". He envisioned men and women of all colors getting along with one another and equal rights for all and he spent his life in pursuit of this dream. Today we can see great progress in the area of acceptance of all people, although we still have not reached the complete manifestation of all Martin Luther King, Jr, envisioned.

But my thoughts turn to the dreams in each of our hearts. What do you have in your heart? What dreams propel you forward on your path through life? Do you even have a dream and what are you doing to bring it to pass? Will it benefit only you or others as well?

Whether we like to admit it or not, the things we think about the most are our dreams. Our thoughts create our reality. If we are thinking about moving to a new location, for example, we will spend lots of time and energy in pursuit of finding a location we want to move to, a job to meet our financial needs, a house to live in, a way to move all of our belongings to this new location. The more we think about this move, the more excited we become as we plan out the transition. This becomes our dream. Our emotions are high as we get excited over all the planning. We may even envision how our furniture will look in the rooms of the house we plan to move into. This is a wonderful blueprint for creating the manifestation of our dreams.

Here is another scenario. Have you ever had a relationship problem and you knew that at some point a confrontation would occur? Did you go over and over in your mind what you would say when this confrontation happened? Did you imagine how this person would probably perceive you and what reactions you would have to what they might say? I can hear your thoughts now. "Well he is going to say this and then I will say that and then he will say this and I will say that....." Let me ask you this? Did you imagine the conversation going well or did you imagine the worst case scenario? I will have to admit I have done both. Let me give you an idea. What if you imagined the person in front of you and imagine their soul, their higher self facing you and then you say what is on your heart and tell them how you feel and imagine them understanding how you are feeling and the issue being resolved or at least some understanding coming out of the interaction? This could also be considered a dream. In a way you are dreaming of the end result of a meeting of two souls. You can create a positive meeting just by envisioning what you would like to see as a result of the interaction.

We all have interactions and relationships with people we don't really care to be around. What if, instead of dreading these interactions or expecting the worst, we expected positive results from interacting with these people? This doesn't mean we have to like everyone and hang out with them indefinitely. It just means that when we are around these people we can accept them for who they are without judgment. This is also a dream. Dream of positive interactions with others, especially those you may not like. Who knows? It is very possible that unconsciously you created this scenario so that you could mend an issue with this soul that you may have created in a past life. You may be constantly creating the reenacting of your relationship with this person in multiple lifetimes until you can resolve the issues with this person.

As you can see, dreams can take many forms. We always want our dreams to be positive, but sometimes if we are thinking about something continually, or dreading something that we are afraid will happen that has not happened yet, that is also a dream. We are creating the reality of it simply by thinking about it all the time. If you are dreaming, for example, of finding a life partner, are you thinking about how lonely you are right now or are you thinking about how good it will feel to have someone around who your soul loves, who is there to experience with you all the good things that are to come? If you are thinking of how you feel now without that special someone, then chances are that person will never show up, because that is your dream. Make your dream something good! Imagine how great it will feel to have that thing you are dreaming of, not how it feels now without it.

When we have conquered all the dreams of things we want to create for ourselves, then we can free up some time to create things on a larger scale, like Martin Luther King, Jr did. He dreamed of a world of equality where we all valued each other as human beings. That is a great dream to adopt. As we all collectively think about the manifestation of this dream, we help to create the reality of it.

The good news is we can dream more than one thing at a time. We can be dreaming of world peace at the same time we are dreaming of a new car. It's okay. It's allowed. We are here to be creators. What are you creating?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sit Down and Eat!

Recently I dreamed I was at a magnificent banquet. I was dressed up and looking good. My hubby was at my side. We were at a beautiful mansion with many rooms. There was some spirit activity around that I noticed as I walked through the rooms. Then we came to the room with all the food. There were many tables full of delicious food and we started to fill up our plates. It was a happy dream. Then in the dream I noticed that I had missed something at a previous table and so I set down my plate and went to get it. When I came back my plate was empty. I looked to fill up my plate again but all the food had been taken by other guests and replaced with desserts. Not wanting desert I looked around for some other food but all I could find was a little bit of baked fish and green beans. So I filled up my plate with the two items I found and decided to be content with the fish and green beans.

Upon awaking I contemplated the meaning of the dream. Sometimes when I am stuck if I write about it then the answer comes to me. I began to write, and, as has been the case in the past few months, I got interrupted. So I just saved the part I had written, and went to take care of whatever the interruption happened to be at the time. I did find it interesting that evening, having told no one the dream, that my husband just happened that evening to cook fish and vegetables containing green beans for dinner. However, the answer still eluded me.

At least a week or so went by, and I never got back to sitting back down and contemplating the dream. Anyone who has been reading my blogs regularly may have noticed that the blogs have been coming less frequently. I still have been meeting with people and giving them insight on their lives based upon the messages I get from my Angels and Guides, and by shamanic journeying, but the writing had all but stopped. My time alone seemed all but nonexistent, and it takes a great deal of inner research and tuning into my Guides to receive messages meant for the blog.

Then this morning I happened to have a little time to myself. The house was quiet, and I decided to sit down and see if the Angels had a message to relay. I remembered the dream and went back to reread it. Oh, my, and there came my "aha" moment. The dream was trying to tell me that even though a banquet had been laid out before me, I had gotten distracted with other things and allowed others to "steal" from my plate! Yes, in the past couple of months I have been intent on guiding others and helping them to repattern their lives. It has taken a great deal of my time and energy. And there had been nothing left for me.

There have been warnings from Spirit that this was happening. I gained a few pounds, due to giving up my exercise routine to take care of others. I have been taking my "feel good" vitamins more frequently. Not to mention the dream that it took me over a week to understand. And then there was a friend, who, through her guide, told me I needed a spanking. I was giving up all of myself and feeling unappreciated as a result. Yes, my plate was empty and there was no more food.

Let me say that I don't in any way blame those who I have been assisting. There comes a time when we have to take personal responsibility for the way we allow others to treat us. Hmmm, that sounds dangerously familiar to the advice I gave out not too long ago to someone else.

So I guess this blog is for all those out there who allow others to steal off their plate. Guard your plate! There is a banquet set before you. Only you can fill your own plate. I am remembering that verse in Psalms that says.. You have prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies. ... Even if God Himself prepares a banquet for you, you have to sit down and eat! Don't think about... I wonder who the enemy is that is stealing off my plate... you know who it is. You just guard your plate and sit down and eat!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Recently I had the opportunity to work with a family member who has dealt with a great deal of abandonment issues in her life. Her mother worked a lot when she was small and she felt abandoned then, then her parents divorced and she had to deal with it again. She ended up pregnant and the father broke up with her during the pregnancy. It happened over and over and it seemed that now every time she is not included in an event, the feelings of abandonment come rushing back to haunt her. Her mother also is dealing with a lot of guilt over the issues she is facing, because it is due to her choices that the daughter feels abandoned over and over. On the other hand I have had the opportunity to encourage mother and daughter to realize that the past is in the past, and now it is the daughter's challenge and opportunity to take charge of her own life and move past these feelings of abandonment.

At some point in our lives we all have to realize that our choices, good or bad, have affected others in a detrimental way. However, we also have to realize that the other person also has some responsibility also in the continuation of the pattern. We all have to choose to say, yes, these things happened and they were not pleasant, but now I choose to move on. Now I choose to take responsibility and not allow past patterns to continually repeat themselves. I can only be responsibly for my own actions and reactions. Yes it is important to acknowledge and repent of past sins, sins being defined as missing the mark. But it is also important to realize that now is a new day. Now is the time to stand up, take responsibility for our feelings, and realize that we can choose to feel differently. I encouraged the mother to let go of her feelings of guilt over the past and I encouraged the daughter to take responsibility for her feelings and choose to feel differently. I reminded her that when she expects to feel abandoned, then unconsciously the people in her life will fulfill her expectations. I encouraged her to say every day to herself.... I love and approve and appreciate myself and I am loved and appreciated and approved of in return. For the mother, I encouraged her to move past the events of the past and maintain the position of .. I am here for you, but you are responsible for how you feel. Guilt and blame be gone!!

We are all in this together. Let us thank past events for the lessons they have taught us, then let us move on and create a new future. Remember our lives are our own creation. No one is to blame for how our lives turn out except ourselves.