Saturday, September 11, 2010

Call for Help

This week has been a challenging week. It started off really well with the holiday weekend but as soon as the work week started back, it seemed like I was standing against one of those big industrial size fans like they have at work. Everything that could go wrong at work went wrong. It was the week for me to be overly emotional anyway. I couldn't sleep. Three nights in a row I was awake for an hour or more in the middle of the night.

The third night of not sleeping I was in that state of mind when I was aware of what was going on but not quite fully awake when I suddenly became aware of a presence in our bedroom. She walked right in as if it were her bedroom. She was a woman of about my age, maybe a little younger, but she had a short blond haircut and was wearing army fatigues. She came into the bedroom, laid down a bag of some kind and came walking toward the bed where my husband Clay and I lay sleeping, or in my case, not sleeping. I tried to speak but no words would come out of my mouth. I was unable to move my arms. She came over to Clay's side of the bed and looked at him. I was worried about what she was going to do. I tried to get my arms loose from whatever was holding them but they would not budge. She seemed unaware that I was there but she was very aware of Clay. As she got closer I realized that her skin was transparent. I could see right through her. She reached down inside of Clay's chest cavity with her transparent hand and seemed to pull something out, but I couldn't tell what she had taken. I looked over at Clay and at that exact moment he took a deep breath and changed positions as he slept. I was worried she had taken something important, but I was unable to do or say anything. As soon as she pulled her hand out of his chest, she disappeared. Immediately I could move my arms. My heart began to race as I wondered what had happened. I wanted to wake him up and make sure he was okay but I worried he would get upset for me waking him up and a part of me wasn't sure what just happened.

Clay assured me that it was just a dream. He said that no one could take his heart for it belonged to me. However, after relating the incident to one of my mentors, she encouraged me to protect myself and my home from psychic attack. This I hadn't done lately. I had come to believe that if I focus on the good stuff, then the bad stuff will just stay away due to lack of attention. However, the following night I called upon the Angels and Highest Beings of Love and Light to guard my home and my bedroom and to watch over myself and Clay as we slept. I proclaimed that only love could dwell in my home and that all unhealthy connections were to be broken.

That night I had a dream. I dreamed I was going to see a friend and I had my grandson with me. He was a baby so I wasn't sure if it was my current grandson who is four or a future one. On the way to see the friend I came upon an old acquaintance whose name was Hyatt (I don't know anyone by this name in my physical life). He accompanied me to see the friend and we gave her a gift. I was quite happy to be in the company of this acquaintance and he helped me find my way back home and even kept trying to give me large amounts of money which I would not accept, except for a small amount to buy something for my grandson. Upon awakening I realized that I had made acquaintance with one of my Angels. Apparently he has been with me for a long time but I had forgotten to call upon him for assistance. I immediately knew that he was always there to assist me, and wished to shower me with blessings, but most of the time I would not accept the help. I thanked him for showing himself to me in the dream and apologized for not accepting his help until now.

I think it is important to remember that our Angels and Guides are always around to assist us and help us find our way back home but we have to ask for assistance. Before I went to sleep that night I had asked for assistance and this dream was my Angels way of telling me that They had heard my cry for help and were there for me to accompany me on my journey but also to assist me when I need help.

I wanted to relate the two different experiences to show that no matter what we go through we do have a Support System that is Higher than we are. We are not alone in the world.


  1. And thanks to you Terri for the good advice!!

  2. "She reached down inside of Clay's chest cavity with her transparent hand and seemed to pull something out" Joy, you have such a wonderful nack for looking at things differently. Did you think that "She" may have been returning something to Clay's chest cavity? Just a thought!

    Thanks, Craig

  3. interesting thought, Craig. I will have to meditate on that.