Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Today I wanted to share some thoughts having to do with our expectations and how they color our experiences in life.

I had shared in some recent blogs about my experience in inviting a particular group of Angels into my home for a week and then sending them on to others. In talking with some of those to whom I had sent the Angels, I have had mixed reviews. Some had phenomenal experiences, and some not so much. I was wondering to myself about this, and one of the things that I felt the Angels answered to me was that when They are invited into people's homes, the expectations of each of those to whom they are invited are different. Also, They just told me (as I was writing), the energy field around people is different. They are telling me that yes, expectations have a lot to do with what and how we as humans experience the Divine energies, but also that each person's vibrations are different, and with some, it is almost like they are an open vessel, and some people seem to have like a thick fog around them which makes it difficult to get through. This does not mean that the Angels cannot get through, but each of our experiences of them is different.

Here are some experiences reported: one person felt a huge energy come rushing in the house about an hour after she had invited them in. One person felt a tug on her leg after she had gone to bed. One person said she felt a huge ear to ear grin come across her face at the moment she invited them in. One person whose plate was completely full and she had felt bad that she had not any time to spend with them felt that they said they did not really need to be in her house, that she seemed to be doing okay and if it was okay with her that they would just go on to the next house.

All of these experiences is valid. The picture I am getting from them is like the sun. Their energy is like the energy of the sun. Some days we go outside and the sun is shining and we feel the warmth of the sun and the light that it brings. Some days it is cloudy and rainy or snowy or foggy and even though we do not feel or see the sun, the sun is still there. We know that the sun is there behind the clouds or the fog even though we are not experiencing the sun at the moment. We have the expectation that eventually we will see the sun again.

However, it is different when experiencing the Divine. We don't feel anything and we wonder if there is something wrong with us. Did we do something to piss off the Angels? Do Angels really exist? I can't feel them and I didn't experience anything so maybe they are not real. Maybe I am just making this up in my head. Why did I not experience the same thing as someone else? Do the Angels like so and so better than me? I wonder if Jesus ( or some other Diety or Unseen Helpers) will get mad if I invite Angels in the house?

I wonder if the sun gets mad when it rains and we cannot feel its warmth. I doubt it. The sun shines on. We never wonder if the sun is still shining. We never worry that the sun is mad at us. We never wonder if the sun really exists.

I guess my observation is this. The presence of the Divine is all around us, like the sun. For five days, I invited the Angels into my home for a specific ritual. This does not mean the Angels are gone now. I still feel them around and I will have to say that my connection if anything is more real than it was before I did the ritual. Is there specific power in this specific ritual? I don't think so. I think it was that I put my expectation out there and requested and desired an increased connection. This was one of my specific requests of these Angels. Probably if you do the ritual and you don't expect anything to happen, then the Angels will not disappoint you. You will probably experience nothing. Angels never cross over your free will. But if you invite them in and you desire to feel and experience them, then you will also not be disappointed. You may just feel happier. You may sleep better. You may be less stressed. Don't say, well, that may not have been the Angels. Maybe that was going to happen anyway. There you go with your expectations again. There you go wrapping yourself up in a fog so the Angels cannot get through.

Just for today, ask for  an experience with the Divine, whether you call them Angels, or Helpers, or by some other name. You won't be disappointed.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Channeled Message for the Coming Year

Yesterday I was privileged to channel a High Level Guide who calls herself Diana for a client. I wanted to share some information she gave me that was not personal to the client but held value for all of us.

When asked if there was any information which we, as a collective group of spiritual seekers, would find valuable, she replied that recently the energy field that surrounds the earth indeed changed. She says that now it was easier for the Helping Spirits to get their messages through to those who came to them for answers. She likened it to a game we all played as children (at least those of us over a certain age) whereby we would take two tin cans and run a string between the two. She said that previously it felt to the Guides that they were talking through a tin can of sorts. She said that some of the information they attempted to get through did make it through to us and some information had been lost or misunderstood. It frustrated them to make so many attempts to communicate with us and have us not understand the messages they were trying to get through. However, recently, the veil between the other side and we on the earth had thinned to the point that communication was becoming thinner and so easier for them to get through. More and more messages were being heard and understood correctly. Diana told us that communication with them would become easier and the information more specific now due to this change. Diana reminded me of the Apostle Paul who said in the New Testament, "we all see in part and we prophecy in part." She said we all had filters that we heard our messages through whereby we didn't hear or process information that was too far out from our belief system or comprehension, but that now those roadblocks to our understanding were being torn down.

She also wanted to admonish us to use this year as a year for developing and working on our relationships. Universally this is a "6" year in numerology, which has to do with relationships and home and family. However, Diana wanted to encourage us to also develop our relationships that were outside our family unit, such as our relationship to our community, our relationship with the earth, to the plants and animals, and especially to our Unseen Helpers. A universal "6" year means that collectively we as a human race should be spending time breaking down the walls that divide us. Stop thinking "us" versus "them". Any kind of labels that separate us should be re-evaluated. It is time to stop with the division and instead think inclusively.

Diana said that compared to last year, this was going to be a very good year. I am thinking she was talking about us as a human race, but understand that this was part of a channeled message for a client, so it could be she was talking about this particular client, but she said this before we really got into any personal information. I am thinking she was talking about "us" collectively. Of course, when interpreting a channeled message, we always have to take into account that individually we all have our own separate paths and our own separate life purpose, so any individual experiences we may have take precedent over a generalized message for the majority of us.

Previously while channeling, Diana has come forward to give messages, and I could not say if she is an Angel who calls herself Diana, maybe the Goddess Diana, or just a high level Guide.  When I channel messages, I always ask for the highest available messenger to come forward and only that which will be for the benefit of all who are listening. I know that she is a guide and any more information she did not give me.

The question has been asked of me, "how do you know when you channel that you are not channeling messages from the dark side that are just disguising themselves as angels of light?" There is a field of thought that if you are not of a certain belief system, then you must be from the dark side. I don't hold to this idea. I spent years thinking that every voice that I heard that I could not identify as Jesus or the Holy Spirit was of the "dark" side. I also spent most of those years fighting depression and shame and anger and guilt. It was only when I opened up my heart and mind to the idea that if it is of the "light" it will make you feel good that I was able to expand my ideas of right and wrong to a more inclusive faith, one of love and acceptance. The fact is that if it is of the dark side, why would the message be a positive one that helps us on our paths and makes us feel love and light?

I have written previously that one of my requests of the Angels is that my "channel" be pure and open and that I am able to connect in a greater way with the High Level Unseen Helpers. Whether we call them Angels, or Guides, or Helpers, the label is not important. The important thing is that we take the message seriously and have a hope and expectancy that life is going to be better.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year ahead and despite any challenges that we may face, may we face them together as a human race. May we put aside our differences and work together to create a more loving and peaceful planet, one that we can be proud to call home.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Spent a Week With Angels

In my previous blog I talked about a ritual that I did to invite Angels into my home for five days. I have been thinking about the time that I spent with the Angels and I am thinking about some of the messages they gave me. Some were personal for me and some were universal, and I thought I would share some of the ones that could apply to others. Some of the thoughts I will present came after I had sent the ritual to others and, in response to their questions, the Angels gave me insight on a particular question or concern.

In the ritual of which I speak, three requests were to be written out and placed in an envelope on the altar which was specifically prepared for the Angel visitation. This became a bit of a task. What do you ask of Highly Evolved Angels? I felt that my mundane requests were not important enough to bother Angels. I would rather just feel their presence and experience the Divine. So one of my requests became just that.. I would like to be a clear channel so that I hear and feel the Divine in a more profound and palpable way. This request was granted almost immediately. I wrote in my previous blog that I felt the presence of the Angels in such a real way I almost felt that there was no more space in the room. But what about request protocol? This is what the Angels told me.. word for word....

The number one rule for requesting help from the Angels is that the Angels will never interfere with someone else's free will. You cannot ask that someone fall in love with you, for example, nor can you ask that your husband leave you (or worse, die)..

The Angels will never interfere with your soul's purpose or a lesson you are supposed to learn. They will never disempower you. They will never do something for you that you need to do for yourself. They will give you the strength to do what you need to do. You cannot request something of the Angels that would disempower  you or someone else. Don't expect the answer to a request to come knocking at your door requiring no action on your part. You have chosen to incarnate into this lifetime and as such, have preordained that you go through certain experiences. The Angels will not take any preordained experiences away from you, however, they will empower you to get through them or change them. If winning the lottery would not interfere with your soul's purpose or life lessons, it is an acceptable request. However, don't limit the Angels. A better request would be to increase your prosperity or your wealth, then the Angels are not limited to how they bring money to you. One example of cocreating with the Angels is that if you request to win money from the lottery, you are required to buy a lottery ticket. A ticket is unlikely to come flying through the air and land on your doorstep, although it is possible.

Remember that we do not know what is the highest and best for other people. It is always acceptable to request that the highest and best be done for an individual but not that they be healed of cancer, for example,although you may think that the healing is the highest and best.

I have found that when I think about the Angels, I feel their presence. You can always ask to feel their presence. Just say, "I ask to connect with the Highest Angels of Love and Light." You can send them to your work environment, but you cannot ask that they cause your boss to get fired, or something similar. You can ask that the highest and best be done in your work environment, or that you work in an environment that is peaceful or etc. When you do this however, realize that sometimes in order to get the request, some things may happen that could be for awhile uncomfortable for you. When a construction crew decides to put in  a new highway, first the old one has to be destroyed. Don't be surprised if it seems for awhile that a jackhammer is destroying your current road, but know that it is for the purpose of the new road being formed. The Angels told me this specifically.

In the ritual we are asked to send the Angels on to three new willing participants. What if no one agrees to take the Angels in?  (I can't imagine this but I guess most people are skeptical..)  Then just say, " I ask that the Highest Angels of Love and Light be sent where the highest and best can result in the lives of those who are willing to accept them into their lives." Finding specific people of course is beneficial because the whole ritual I believe is designed to help us spend some time connecting with the Divine and cutting out some specific time to spend with Angels. Sit in front of your altar and ask for an experience!! How could we possibly know that a Highly Evolved Angel is in our home and  not desire to connect with them or experience them?!!

I am finding that keeping these messages short enough for a blog is becoming a bit of a task. I will continue in the next few blogs to relay some more messages that they gave me as I continue to reflect on the experience.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Angel Visitation

Some time ago a  trusted friend of mine told me about a ritual she was experiencing where she had been sent three Angels that were to stay in her home for five days. At the end of the five days she was to send them to three new people who would do the same. At first I was a bit skeptical that three Angels for one thing would come into her home at a specific time and stay for a specific number of days and then be sent on their way. It has always been my understanding that Angels do not live in time and space like we do so how would this ritual be possible? I was curious to see if she felt them in her home and if she had experienced anything during the days that she had them in her home. Lo and behold, I ended up being one of those to whom she sent the Angels!

I decided to put aside my skepticism and do the ritual and see what I would experience, if anything. I routinely talk to Angels, guides, and other various Deities anyway so I didn't know if these particular Angels would have a different energy than the other High Beings I regularly communicate with on a regular basis. I noticed right away that these Angels did, indeed have an energy that was specific and distinct from any other High Beings I had been in contact with before. And I noticed this the first time I contemplated the ritual.

In the ritual, I was to have an altar set up for them with specific items on the altar. I was to find three people to send them to and have their names on the altar. I was to have specific requests of  these Angels while they were visiting. Immediately, the first time I even contemplated the altar, I noticed I felt like a wind come blowing through me. My breathing was affected, and my heart began to beat a bit more rapidly, not unlike what happens when you first fall in love and you think about your beloved, only more profound and palpable.

About a week or so before the Angels were to be welcomed into my home, I had been thinking about the altar and the specific items to be placed there. I had noticed their presence all morning as I meditated on the altar. I had then gone to work, and the feeling went away. At lunch, I had come home, as is my routine, since I live a very short distance from work, and on this particular day, as I put my key into the door I looked inside the kitchen door and just for a moment, I could have sworn I saw one of the Angels standing in my kitchen!! Immediately I knew it was one of these particular Angels, not unlike when someone comes to visit you know it is one person as opposed to someone else. I recognized their energy!! I said to the Angel, "I thought you were not due to come until next week!!" (ha ha, as if Angels are bound by time and space!!)

Anyway, eventually the time came for my visit with the Angels. I cannot say that my husband ever felt them in the home, but I did. Their energy felt to me like all the space was full in the room, their presence was so profound. My heart frequently took to fluttering about, and my breath was affected. I felt great love, and was so honored to have had them in my home. When sending them out to the next people, I felt it was important to mention that all of the items on the altar and the specific instructions were symbolic, and they would not get mad or go away if some of the rituals were changed to fit each person's particular situation. I think the point of the ritual is to give the opportunity to people in your life to experience the Sacred, to put aside time out of your busy schedule to contemplate on the Divine aspect called Angels, and to think about if you had the opportunity to ask High Angels to grant you a request, what would it be? To me, winning the lottery seemed trivial. It puts your life and your wishes into perspective to think of the things you desire on a daily basis and how they fit into the grand scheme of things from a higher perspective.

So this is my question. If you could access for one week the presence of the Divine in your home, would your life change in any way? Would the things you now feel are so important still be important? Would you miss a favorite television show to sit with Angels?

My experience with the Angels has been that when I think about them, I feel them. When I ask to connect with them, I feel them come and connect with me. How many of us go through our daily lives and do not think to invite the Angels to share our day with us? We do not think to ask for the highest and best for our loved ones or even our enemies. We think we know what to ask for. We think we know what is best, but we don't. Setting aside time to spend with the Divine, even if it is just a week, changes us, because it comes into our awareness that the Divine wants to spend time with us, wants to communicate with us, and cares about our day to day struggles. Let us set aside our agendas and perhaps put aside a particular time to just sit with whatever we call the Divine in our lives. And then see what changes.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Power Outage

Yes I know I have been taking some time off from the writing of blogs. December was a busy month for me working full time at the Post Office and also since I have recently begun doing weddings I had several in December. 

Did I notice a change in energy after December 21st? Of course we all know that the world did not end that day, but was there a change in the earth's energy field? This is a loaded question. I had read what many who channel Angels or Higher Beings were saying. They said that the earth's energy was changing and that our energy fields were changing to match the new earth's energy field. I do know that I did come down with the flu or something like it which had not happened to me in quite some time, and I talked to many people who had experienced similar symptoms. I cannot say that this was a result of a changing energy field, but I cannot discount the idea either. Yes I experienced a change in some ways. What I experienced was a bit of a disconnect. It may have been the holidays and the busy rush at the Post Office and trying to coordinate schedules and thinking about gifts and holidays and weddings but I became a bit overloaded. I became somewhat disinterested in my normal routine. I had to force myself to meditate and when I did I fell asleep. I often skipped my normal workout routine. I ate too much. It took awhile for me to get back to myself.

The interesting thing is that at some point it was like the light that had gone off just came back on. It was exactly like when the power is out and then it comes back on. I am trying to remember exactly what day that happened but I guess the exact day is not that important. I thought I would share this in case any of you experienced a similar "power outage".

So recently while I was connecting with the Angels I asked the Angels to give me a phrase that would describe to me my theme for this year. It is interesting that they gave me the phrase "Embrace your power." At first I did not like this phrase. It seemed to me to imply power over others, or possibly achievement, or maybe it meant that I would be increasing my "power" to make me somehow superior or better. I ran this by a friend, who promptly suggested to me that true power comes from within, and when I am embracing my power, it empowers others as well, not unlike when you turn on a light, it shines for all who are within the general range of the light. She said it so well, I am going to quote her ( thanks Hali)

True power lights the world, expands & empowers others. When you embrace your power, you claim that part of yourself that is connected to God. Embracing your power is acknowledging your light. When you do that, you make it OK for others to do the same. Reminds me of that Marianne Williamson quote:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

"Embrace" is welcoming, accepting, and being receptive. 
"Your" is yours. You are already powerful, you're just claiming it.
"Power" is your birth right. It's your soul's light. It's who you are. 
I am not sure if I have completely embraced my power. I think it is a process. Some days I am completely connected and some days I am not. I have recently connected with some Highly Evolved Angels, (which is another blog altogether) and I feel connected and the messages are flowing and some days the light is completely off. And I tell you this to let you know that is okay to be disconnected sometimes. It is okay to not always be at the top of your game. And I am telling myself this as well.

If you have been feeling disconnected, lighten up on yourself. The power will come back on. Take a break. Rest a lot. Drink water. Enjoy your life. Laugh. When the light comes back on you will know it. And it is all good.