Sunday, January 8, 2012


I just learned that January 6th is actually an observed holiday called the Day of Epiphany. I had a customer come up to me and after our Postal interaction, she said to me, Happy Epiphany Day. I had no idea there was such a day. Curious, I found out that indeed this is a recognized holiday. I was very excited and looked forward to receiving some sort of epiphany. Nothing. Of course, to my Angels and Guides defense, lately I have been in a bit of a non- receptive state of mind. Some days you just want to disconnect and spend the day in bed. I have had a few days of having to force myself out of bed and into society.

January 7. Okay so my epiphany came a day late but it did come, nonetheless. I went through my normal day at the Post Office, and after coming home my husband surprised me by informing me that we would be spending the evening out with some friends. He did not inform me that this was to be my evening of epiphany.

After a pleasant dinner, we were headed home. We had ventured out to eat in a neighboring town where I happened to have been born and raised. I was chatting away, telling a couple of what I thought were humorous anecdotes of life in a small town. I was not prepared for the comedic renditions of my stories being ripped to pieces by my friends.

Although this was all in fun, as this was happening I had a flash of my early childhood, perhaps before the age of 6, when my stories were not believed. I remember as a child I had very vivid experiences of entities in our home as well as a memory of an experience that my mother later convinced me was a dream. I have related the story in previous blog of a woman trapped in a well, and upon attempting to obtain help for her from my parents, my mother belittled my stories and convinced me I was imagining things. I remember the feeling of not being believed. At that young age I formulated the bitter root judgement that the experiences I had and my perception of things would not be believed. At the moment of my ride home with my husband and friends, I had an epiphany. That deep seated belief was still intact. I was in fact, recreating the feeling of relating an experience that was not believed. I realized that it was my belief and I was the one creating the experience of not feeling validated.

My epiphany is that I am in fact the author of a book of messages which I have received from Angels and Guides. This is not a book of science or math equations. I have always struggled with some of the messages that I have received and whether I would be deemed a lunatic for writing them down. This is where that thought came from!!! Sorry mom. I know you believe me now, but you didn't then and I never forgot it.

So what next? Well when you tighten a screw into a hole the way to get the screw out is to twist it the opposite way, right? That is how you undo a limiting belief about yourself. So I re-imagined the experience I had as a child relating stories to my parents. I imagined that my mom believed me. I fast forwarded to every time up to the present when I related stories or messages or epiphanies that were not received and imagined that the messages were believed and appreciated. And then I said to myself, I believe you. And I created the affirmation that the messages that I receive are well received and I am surrounded by those who believe my stories and messages.

I tell this story because we all have limiting beliefs that were formulated at a young age. When we can recognize these beliefs and turn them around then we have made a huge step forward in our path. We can ask our Angels and Guides to help arouse within us the memories of those events and facilitate the healing of those memories which haunt us. One less scar. One less emotional wound. One less hurt. One step toward a joyful life experience. And isn't that what we are all striving for? More joy........more love,.....more contentment with ourselves and our life.

Here's to all those events in our past which we are recognizing and healing now.....thanks to those who facilitate the healing. Even if it is by making fun of me and my stories.

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