Thursday, January 26, 2012

Message Number Twelve

Recently I was reading some posts about acquaintances either looking for jobs or having career path changes or challenges. I wanted to offer some encouragement other than the generic, "I will be praying for you, or I will be focusing positive energy toward you." I immediately asked the Angels for some guidance to offer these "acquaintances". (my husband calls them my "imaginary" friends, because they are friends I have online, and most of them I do not actually know).

The Angels reminded me of a meditation I recently learned that was initiated by someone in Hawaii who evidently was a doctor who used this meditation on his patients, all of whom apparently recovered. I am recounting this second hand so I have not actually investigated any of this on my own. However, I was privileged to have been taught this meditation, which I have used several times on my own and also taught it to others with amazing results!!

This meditation is good, not just for career path issues, but relationship issues, health issues, or whatever challenges you are facing. It takes the focus off of yourself and onto the higher consciousness. I had a friend at work who was facing disciplinary action, and I suggested this meditation, which she did, with positive results.

So anyway, the theory is that we are all connected through what is called the Collective Unconscious and when we do this meditation we are sending out the energy into the earth and our atmosphere into the Unseen realms. How does this help people looking for jobs or facing other challenges? I will have to say I don't really know. All I know is that in some way, the energy shifts.

Here it is. Four little sentences.

I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Try it. It does not matter what faith you associate with. It does not matter if you even believe in God or any type of non physical reality. Say it over and over and something shifts. Say it to yourself . Or to God. Or to people you have wronged ... or who have wronged you. Say it to the dog. to the cat. to the mailman. Say it to the stars. And see what happens.

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