Sunday, January 29, 2012

Message Number Fifteen

Yes, today is the halfway point in my message a day for thirty days commitment I made to the Angels to post a message every day for thirty days. And today here it is late in the day. Yes I have heard a couple of messages late last night and today but the words have not been flowing like they do when I am just taking dictation from the Angels. This time they gave me a thought and I am trying to put it to words and say something worthwhile. The message is related to a movie I watched last night. After watching the movie I knew that I had a couple of messages, but I wasn't quite sure whether they were just for me or something I needed to publish. The movie was entitled, The Help. Yes I know that most people have already seen the movie. And it was wonderful. But my life is busy. And I seldom get the time to sit down and enjoy a movie.

Years ago I actually wrote a book (one that I never published) on messages that I received from the Angels while watching movies or from other stories. It included unconventional messages from fairy tales and Bible stories as well. Maybe one day I will revive some of those old messages if I can remember them. It used to be a favorite tool of mine for receiving messages from the Angels. I would ask them to have me think of a familiar story and then give me a message related to whatever story came to my mind. Or I would go to a movie and drive whoever I was with nuts because I would get inspired and start explaining the significance of the story. Maybe that is why I stopped going to the movies. There was a point in my life when the messages stopped and going to the movies was a reminder to me of what used to be. But I digress.

Okay so most people know that the movie.. The Help... is about African American women in the sixties who made their living as maids and a young white girl who decided to write a book about their experiences. The most obvious message to me was that we should never be afraid to pursue our dreams no matter what obstacles seem to present themselves. In the movie, this young girl and the women who she interviewed for their stories helped change a lot of people's perceptions about African Americans. Now we can look at life in America and say that if a few people had not stood up for the injustices being done to a whole race of people then life would not be as it is today. Someone has to be the pioneer. Someone has to be the person who sees an injustice and says, "This is enough."

Maybe this message today is for just one person who reads this blog. My Angels have been telling me that sometimes the message will only be for one person. And that is okay. So, perhaps there is someone out there who sees an injustice and there are mountains of people who see things differently than you do. And the Angels would say, Now is the time to stand up and say.. no more. And you will face difficulty. And you will not see change overnight. But one day, years to come, someone will say, "if it was not for you, my life would not be as it is today." It is time to speak up about something that is important. Just because a large group of people think in  a particular way does not mean that it is right. Back in the sixties there were thousands of people who thought that African Americans were second class citizens and it was okay to treat them that way because they were not really as good as white people. And someone said, no more.  And guess what? Some of those African Americans had to be convinced that it was okay to think of themselves as just as good as white people. Because if you tell someone long enough that they are no good, and especially if you tell them that from the time they are born, it will take a while to get that belief out of their head.

Maybe you are the person who has been told all your life that you are no good. The Angels are here to say, this is not the case. Maybe you are the one who sees an injustice and has the ability to speak up. The Angels would say, Now is the time to speak up. And know this. Just because what you feel in your heart and what everyone else believes is not the same does not mean you are wrong...

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