Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Message Number Eleven

Today I think my Spirit Guide wants me to address the small comment I made on my last message that we can never own a piece of land, a person, an animal, even a plant. Everything that is in existence has its own spirit. Yes we are all connected. Yes we are one with one another in the big scheme of things. And yet we each are on an individual path and those paths come together for specific periods of times and purposes.

Recently I was made aware of the respect that comes from asking permission of the spirits of the land before embarking upon any project, any ceremony, or any endeavor. What if we asked our Mother Earth before we drilled for oil, or built a house or a shopping center? I was a bit surprised recently when I connected with the spirit of the land upon which my gym resides and the spirit there told me that it enjoyed the comings and goings of the different people there. I had always thought that the land probably resented our modern ways of life, especially pavement and shopping centers, but this particular spirit enjoyed it. I felt the land told me that it understood that everything was temporary, and that this eventually would pass. It had survived eons of different scenarios, and each one was unique in its own way.

It is a matter of respect to one another to honor the fact that each of us are on a different path. And it is all temporary. We come together for a short time and we connect and we accomplish certain things. Hopefully we enjoy at least some of the time that we are here. Problems arise when we start to think that we own something or someone or that we have a right to it. The only thing we really have a right to is our own destiny.

My aunt once gave me a plant and I began to say thank you and she said it was bad luck to say thank you for a plant. I thought at the time it was just one of those silly superstitions, but now that I think of it, how can we thank a person for a plant? We should be thanking the plant for giving itself for a short time to us, to pleasure us, to enhance the energy in our home or around the place we call home? What about thanking the land upon which our homes stand? Or our places of business?

And what about our relationships? Do we have the right to one another? I remember when my husband first proposed he said to me," I will never ask you to be my wife but I would ask if I can be your husband? Because I will never own you or consider you my property." One of the reasons I kept my last name when I married was for this reason. I never want to be considered someone else's property.

Let us respect one another and let us respect every thing that has a spirit. Remember that everything has a spirit so that means we must respect everything!! Let us respect one another. Let us respect the land upon which we walk every day. Let us respect the animals that give their lives so that we may eat and even the vegetables too!! Yes I do consume meat but I try to remember to thank the animals for giving their lives for me and ask their spirit to live on in some way in my body. Yes I do think that animals are treated badly when they are raised for mass consumption but fruits and vegetables also give their lives for me to eat. Water gives up its energy to live on in my body as well. In some way the life of whatever I put in my body lives on for a time within me.

Message Number Eleven.....let us respect all that touches our lives. Let us not think that we have a right to anything. In truth we can never really own anything. And nothing can own us. Thanks to all that touches our lives in every small or large way.

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  1. "The only thing we really have a right to is our own destiny." Love this line! :-) H.