Tuesday, July 13, 2010


In the past week or so my home was invaded by ants. Not just one or two but armies of them. I can't say they didn't warn me. For weeks I had seen rows of them marching across my front porch and around my outside water nozzle. But they were outside, and I always try to live in peace with my fellow critters on the earth. More than once I attempted to connect with them and let them know that I meant them no harm, but I had to draw the line at the house. I told them they were welcome to inhabit the outside area but please don't come in the house.

The first one or two that I saw in the kitchen I reminded them of our deal. As I wiped them away with a washcloth I apologized for having to end their lives prematurely but, as I was quick to defend myself, they were the ones that were trespassing. I always tried to be respectful of my boundaries while outside and if I happened upon a nest, I apologized and left them to their labors.

As their numbers increased, so did our inevitable battle as we marked our territory. First I tried the humane approach. I had heard cayenne pepper would repel them. Then black pepper. Then pennyroyal leaf. They laughed at me and kept on coming, stronger now, and with resolve.

Okay so today I had to bring out the big guns. I called a pest removal company and they came and in one visit completely eliminated them as a contender for master of their domain. Although I felt I gave them fair warning, it was only a matter of time until the conflict would have to be resolved.

Usually I am able to send the energy of love to the animal and insect kingdom and live in harmony with my fellow creatures on the earth. I do not find satisfaction in knowing that I have completely eliminated a colony of ants from existing. If only they would have stayed outside we could have cohabited this small piece of Mother Earth together in peace.

However I also believe that run-ins with nature are often subtle messages from Spirit so I could not resist the urge to look up and see what those experts in animal symbolism had to say about the ant. The first meaning for the ant is that ants symbolize cooperation with others. I couldn't help but laugh because I did try to cooperate with them. They were the invaders, not me. However, the second meaning seemed to be a significant option. Ants can represent the accomplishment of a great goal. With my book only weeks away from being published I can't help but feel that I have crossed a major threshold in my life. I am about to be a published author!! Could it be that Spirit placed the ants in my life to symbolize in the natural world what has just been accomplished in the spirit? Oh I am not saying that my book is going to change the course of history, but it marks a great accomplishment for me. I have struggled with getting my messages out there, wondering if my words will be well received and if they have value for the readers. I have battled with self doubts and have won!

I know most people will laugh and say, Joy, they are just ants! A lot of people are having issues with them this time of year. Not everything contains a message. And to them I say, Yes, you are right. But to those of us listening to the still small voice of Spirit, everything has a meaning. Nothing is an accident. And there are messages out there for us, big and small. We just have to be listening, watching, and waiting for those messages to unfold. Not everyone is paying attention to the messages out there. So maybe that is why I am here.


  1. That's the rule I have for all the critters. Mum says that cute furry mice are "vermin" once they cross the threshold. Ditto for other creatures. Ants are very industrious, too. They can carry very heavy loads. Lots of messages in their visit! :-) H.

  2. ooh good one.. I will have to contemplate on how heavy a load I am meant to carry...:)

  3. I have always thought that ants meant "patience"....reminds me of when I was a kid and my little sister was eating a hamburger at a picnic and this fly just would not leave her alone so she took a piece of her hamburger and put it on the table and told the fly he could have it....but did the fly listen? Not a chance...and she wondered why...