Monday, January 16, 2012

Message Number Two

Okay here is the second of thirty messages which my Angels have assured me that I would be receiving over the next thirty days. My hopes are that each of the messages reaches the person or persons for whom it was intended and that the messages speaks to that person's heart and helps them along the way.

This message is about honoring the spirit that inhabits the land. Do you know that every location has a spirit that watches over that particular location? Our Mother Earth holds us all in Her hand and the imprint of acts in history make their mark on certain locations. That is why certain locations are considered holy and it seems like these locations are holy for centuries and it is also why other locations seem to hold "bad" energy as well. Have you ever noticed that there are certain locations where it seems that no business stays open for long or even certain houses are always up for sale. They will sell and then before you know it, they are up for sale again and again. This is because the spirit of that particular piece of land is not at rest. It may be that centuries ago there was a battle on that piece of land or possibly a murder or some other very emotional event.

Recently I was in a business and I felt led to connect with the spirit of the land upon which this store stood. It had been the location of a battle during the civil war. After connecting with the spirit of the land, I thanked the land for its contribution to our history and asked forgiveness for all the sadness and bloodshed that had occurred there.  Immediately I felt the blood that was still in the land under where this store stood. I felt the sadness and confusion of some of the spirits that still roamed the land. I felt that I needed to open up the gates to the other side and invite any who were still present to cross over if they so chose. I asked my Angels to open the portal to the other side and I felt that some did indeed cross over. Then I felt that the blood in the land needed to cross and be reunited with the soul of the person that it had been a part of. This was a new concept to me. I felt contacted by a man who told me that his soul had crossed over when he passed during this battle and that he was reincarnated in present time but that he was dealing with a lot of anger. He felt that it was because a portion of him still lay embedded in the land here and that he still held a lot of the emotions of the intensity of the killing and death that had occurred here. A part of him still held to the philosophy that he was fed for the reasons for the war but a part of him was tortured by the men he had killed and the lives he had watch perish as a result of his gun. I asked him if he would like to connect with the souls of those he had killed during this battle if they were willing and find resolution and he indicated that he would like that. I felt like a connection occurred and that there was resolution and a lot of the guilt and anger and intensity of emotion was healed in that moment.

I believe that we are all connected in a very real way and that what affects one affects us all. When there is healing for one soul then there is healing for us all, including the land upon which the atrocities occurred. After this connection occurred I asked the spirit of the land if it would be willing to allow healing to occur on this land from this time forward. I asked that from this point forward, that this business would be a place of healing and that the products on the shelves would promote a sense of well being for all who purchased them. I also asked that all who came into the store would feel the healing energy. Those who are connected with the store would all be blessed and be walking in their highest path.

I am happy to say that I felt the agreement of the land and I felt joy from the souls who found resolution from their centuries old hurts and traumas. Thanks to all the High and Loving Spirits and Guides who assisted me in the healing process.

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