Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Message Number Three

Well I had another message set to come out today for message number three but this one seemed to jump out at me this morning so I decided that that the other one must be meant for another day....I got this message for a particular person which I emailed to them this morning but as I wrote I realized that there may be someone else who may benefit from this message..... straight from the Angels.......

. this short inspiration is exactly the message I got for you early this morning while I was still in half awake, half dream state. Imagine the life that you desire, feel it, visualize it, verbalize it. Raise those emotions to the highest level possible and keep them there no matter what curveball is thrown your way. The Universe will see those feelings of excitement, pleasure, hope and fulfillment and go out of its way to bring you those things!! This is an exciting year for you.. a year of new beginnings, new possibilities. It is not a year of endings. That was last year. Don't allow doubt or fear to dominate you. That will extinguish your dreams. When you are feeling low, breathe in, breathe out. Feel that place inside of you that is strong, that is full of possibilities, that is hope. Feel love and feel that light that dwells within you. And know that the Universe is conspiring to fulfill all your dreams, but can only do so with your permission. And your permission is the emotions you allow your soul to experience. Yes if you are angry. Be angry. But don't dwell on it. Get angry and then move up to the next better emotion. And then the next one and the next one.............until you reach that place of bliss...

With love..

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