Saturday, January 21, 2012

Message Number Seven

I have a friend who said to me recently, "I make more money by accident than most people do on purpose." I know this is a strange first sentence for a message from the Angels but the moment he said this to me I realize that he was working from an inner belief that he was meant to prosper. The Angels want me to talk to you a little about inner beliefs. What belief do you have, conscious  or unconscious, that drives you, that you hear when you wake up in the morning? This is your inner belief. It can be good or it can be unhealthy. This is what we need to think about when we think about what we want to change in our lives.

I sometimes think about when I was very young my mother told me that there was something special I was meant to do. I spent most of my life searching for what was that special thing? She probably only said it once, and who knows what she meant when she said it, but it stuck with me. It is because it resonated with what I already knew. Now if she had told me I was supposed to be a tight rope walker, I would have dismissed it immediately, because that has not resonated with my soul purpose.

Just for today, think about what is that inner belief that drives you? It could be "You will never amount to anything." I have an acquaintance who has struggled with that little tidbit his whole life, also from his parents. That obviously is one which needs to be replaced. It could have to do with your  weight, or your ability to function in this life, or how other people treat you. If you have time, get quiet today and ask yourself what is that inner belief and how can you change it? It is as easy as replacing it with a more productive belief. Now if you have believed it for a very long time, it will take some practice, but it can be done. Every time that belief pops into your head, just say, "thank you for sharing, but I am now replacing you with this belief instead...." and name your new belief.

Let's get started!!

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