Monday, January 23, 2012

Message Number Nine

Saturday morning at work I was walking through the back of the Post Office, not thinking about anything in particular when I passed the radio. There was a song playing, a song I had heard frequently in the past but never once payed attention to the words until this particular moment. The words that rang out to me were, "Everything's gonna be all right..." I don't remember the name of the song or the singer or any of the other words to the song, or even, at this point, I don't even remember the tune. Just those words.

It took me back to a time in my life when I frequently needed to hear those words. It seemed my life was much more challenging than it is today and I would often call out to my Higher Powers for a message to give me some hope. I remember so many times a song would come on the radio, a different song than the one I heard that morning, but the words were the same, "Everything's gonna be all right..." It seems that song would always come on at a time when I needed to hear those words. It was obviously a message from my Angels. It would encourage me to keep going and give me strength to move forward.

Our Angels know exactly what we need. They hear us when we call to them for help, even when we don't voice the words out loud. They feel our emotions. They feel our tears, our joys, our sorrows, our fears. Very often they send us messages. Are we open to hear what they are trying to relay to us? The signs they give us to let us know they are there for us are as individual as we are. For me it was that song on the radio. Sometimes it was as  simple as walking down the grocery store aisle and hearing a conversation in the next row over and needing to hear whatever was being said. Sometimes I would ask the Mother Goddess for a flower, just to let me know She was there and hadn't forgotten about me. One day I went into the grocery store right after voicing this request, and the clerk who checked me out went over to the flowers that were sitting next to the relay belt and handed me a flower. I asked her what that was for and she just said it looked like I could use a flower. Once I came home from work after asking for a flower and out of the blue my husband had bought me a bouquet of flowers, something he is not in the habit of doing.

I guess the song on the radio Saturday morning reminded me of how things have changed. Years ago I asked for a message and this song with these words would come to me at just the right time when I needed to hear them. I rarely hear these words anymore. Is it because everything is not going to be all right? No. I think it is because everything is all right. I don't need that reassurance as often anymore. The Angels at that moment were telling me......remember these words? Remember when you needed reassurance and we would always give to you? See how far you have come? Didn't we tell you, Everything is going to be all right?

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