Monday, January 30, 2012

Message Number Sixteen

Yesterday the message I received from the Angels was derived from the movie The Help. I wanted to continue on that theme today because there was one particular scene in that movie that touched me and I was sure that the Angels wanted me to share my thoughts on this particular scene in the movie.

In the movie, there was an African American woman who was a maid for a young, possibly well off white woman. This maid was the most important person in the life of the young toddler of the family, an adorable little blond haired, blue eyed darling whose mother looked at her with disdain. In the eyes of the mother, this child did not measure up to her ideals. The woman who was the maid in the family was treated poorly and yet she took it upon herself to be the one positive influence in the life of this small white girl. There was a scene in the movie where she told her that she was strong and beautiful and smart because she was those things on the inside, and that is what mattered. She told this small child not to believe anything else but always know that she was beautiful and special.

I know I have probably said this before, but know this. You never know what you are to someone else. You never know if you may be the one person who believes in someone who no one else believes in. What if there is someone who you smile at or speak to every day and that is the only time that person gets a smile in their whole day? What if there is someone out there who has never been told that they are beautiful? Or that they are special? A lot of times we are out there looking for our special purpose. We want to do great things. We want to make a mark on the world. What if the mark you are to make on the world is to be that one special person to one small child? Or what if you tell someone that they can do anything they put their minds to do and they have never been told that before?

I think it was Mother Teresa who said, If you cannot do great things then do small things in a great way. Be that person who smiles at those who no one else smiles at. Be that person who believes in those who no one else believes in. Be that person who sees the best in everyone and knows that everyone you meet is a special person and has great potential.

Years ago when I delivered mail down in the city I had one woman who lived on the last street on my route. Every day she met me at the mail box with a homemade cookie or baked bread. After awhile I began to take my ten minute break at her house because I soon realized that no one else on the street spoke to her and she was all alone. I realized I was the one human contact she had all day. The last day I delivered mail to her house before I got transferred to another office I told her I was leaving and she cried. She wanted to give me a gift but all she could find was a pair of socks. I treasured the socks because she gave them to me from her heart. I received Christmas cards from her for several years after I transferred out of the area.

Every day look for at least one person who you can be a blessing to and just smile at them or say a kind word. Or maybe there is someone in your life who you can help steer them in the right direction. Never stop believing that those you love can do well and shine in their own special way. You may be the only person who believes it. You never know what good you are doing.

Everything you do, do in a great way, no matter how small....Remember that you are someone's angel.


  1. What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it with us. It is so easy for people in the hurried society of 'today' to forget that some people are so lonely. I went out with some friends last night and was amazed at the amount of people who were supposed to be out to socialize and have a fun time were sitting with their phones in their hand obsessed with the next email, text or FaceBook post....good grief, what has happened to people...

    1. I have noticed the same thing Bev. Many of us have lost our ability to connect eye to eye and heart to heart..