Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Message Number Four

Today the message is about "prayers" for others. In the traditional sense of the word, prayers are words or thoughts we send out to a Divine Source, usually petitioning that Divine Source for guidance or intervention in our lives or the lives of others. There are, of course, prayers of thanksgiving, which are important and much welcomed by the Divine, but that is not the subject of today's message.

When I was an active participant in a religious group in the past, I was what was called an intercessor. I was one who interceded to God in behalf of others. I was in charge of a group of intercessors and we met weekly to pray for the needs of participants in our church organization and for others for whom we were made aware. Sometimes we made road trips, in which we would drive around our town and pray for the town and for certain areas in town, like the rough neighborhoods or the jails and hospitals. If I remember correctly, we usually would pray for healing for those who were sick, for those who were involved in crimes we would pray for a positive outcome, and for the perpetrators to find God. We would always leave the outcome to God.

Since I have gotten away from a structured religious setting, I have gotten away from the term prayer, but I like to send thoughts of love and light and the best possible outcomes for those with whom I come into contact. I was told years ago by my Guides that every thought I think is a prayer. That is why it is so important to watch our thoughts. That is also why if we become obsessed with worrying about our health or perhaps our finances, we create the reality of perpetually having issues in those areas. It is important to guard our thoughts and create the emotions around having the things that we need and desire, and not create scenarios in our heads of not having those things. But I digress.

What if we "pray" for particular outcomes for individuals that we perhaps do not know? How about praying for presidential candidates or even football players? Is is possible to pray a particular outcome for a football game? How about when we hear a story on the news about a child who has been abducted and we pray for that child to be found? How about when we pray for someone who is sick to be healed? Are the prayers we pray that are against the highest good of someone just thrown out by the Divine Source?

Once a woman in the church that I attended suffered a stroke. We all loved this woman and prayed hard for her recovery. I remember spending a great deal of time on my knees crying out for the restoration of this woman's health. In record time, it seemed to me, this woman was recovered and back in church. We were all sure that our prayers had brought her back, and it still seems to me even today that our prayers had some effect on this woman's recovery. However, a few months later, this woman died in her sleep. My Angels told me that this woman's soul wanted to cross over, but couldn't because of the prayers of the people who loved her. It was therefore necessary for her to die quickly during the night hours so that we who loved her did not have time to pray her back to health.

I remember when my mom was ill and suffering from cancer, it seemed she spent a great deal of time in pain, and we all loved her and continually prayed for her. She hung on despite the pain, and one day I received a message that I needed to give her permission to die. I contacted her soul while she was asleep and told her that we loved her but if it was time for her to go, we would all be all right. She died less than a month later. So it seems we are all connected. Yes, those who we love are held here by our prayers. But is it healthy to pray for particular outcomes?

My rule of thumb is to never pray for someone or send them energy without their permission to do so. We can always pray love and light and the best possible outcome for everyone concerned but we cannot know what that best outcome is. It is possible to contact that person's soul and request permission to send healing energy or to do healing work for them but despite the fact that we often think we know what is best for another person, we do not know what soul contracts that person made to live out in this lifetime. Sometimes a child dies because the death of that child catapults the parent of that child into a life of advocacy for other children who have perhaps died a similar death and then many families benefit from the one death of the one child. We are connected. It is not our job to decide what is right and wrong for someone else. We cannot say that others are making the wrong choices and pray for their minds to be changed or their behavior to be stopped. We can only pray for the best possible outcome for everyone concerned. I believe that when we decide that we know what is best for someone else and pray for specific outcomes without that person's permission, then we open the door to be manipulated in some way by others.

Message Number Four: Remember that your thoughts and words have power and that every thought is a prayer. When you think bad thoughts about others you are sending energy out into the universe that is bound to come back to you in some way. Always "pray" or send thoughts that are healing and loving and expect the best possible outcomes to occur. This leaves the specifics to the Divine Source who knows what is best anyway.

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