Saturday, May 25, 2013


Has anyone ever watched the cable series Supernatural? My hubby-love has recently become a fan. It is a fantasy show about ghosts, hauntings, possessions, anything that could be considered out of the normal. Although it is mostly just fantasy, every now and again a show has a theme or a message for me. Recently my hubby-love was watching the show and actually came up with a message from the show which he in turn suggested I turn into a blog. He is my sometimes muse.

In the television show, there was a man who had been shot in the head and was in a coma. The grim reaper had come for him and he kept trying to run away. In his dreamlike state he kept going through doors that led him to places in his past in which he had unresolved emotions. At first he would realize where he was in his past and run back out of the door he had gone into. He had a sort of guide with him who suggested to him that in order to get out of his predicament and overcome the grim reaper he had to go through those doors and face the scenes that were being played out there.

This message was an interesting one because only the night before I  had done a session with a woman who was attempting to overcome a phobia. I had attempted to get to the source of this phobia by taking her through a "journey" to the source of the phobia. I took her to a door in which she was to go through to discover the origin of the phobia. However when we got to the door, she was unable to go through the door. Instead I decided that the next best plan of action was to take her by baby steps to a more peaceful place. I am hoping in future sessions to eventually get through the door.

Are there recurring issues in your life that are holding you back from moving forward? Are there fears or phobias which keep you from enjoying life to the fullest? Is there perhaps a recurring theme that you would like to break free from? Or possibly a recurring illness that is unexplained by doctors that could possibly have a root somewhere in the past? Maybe you have a tendency to attract relationships in your life which at first seem to thrive, but after awhile you notice that you are attracting similar patterns or similar personality types into your life? Has anyone said to you that your mate is just like .... so and so.. a relative or someone in your past...?

Perhaps the answer is facing that door that opens into a place in your past in which there are unresolved emotions. In my hubby-love's work in the paranormal field, I have occasionally gone with him and felt emotions trapped in homes, in walls, in basements, even in dishes or furniture. When I have traveled telepathically to the soul of the emotions that were trapped there, I have sometimes been able to release those trapped emotions by helping the soul connected with those emotions face those events which precipitated the emotions and release them or resolve them. I say sometimes because not always are people and souls ready to face those events which elicited those powerful emotions!

Maybe you are one who is ready to go through the door. Hurray for you!! I admonish you to go for it!! The past cannot hurt you unless you allow it to hamper your present and your future!! Face that door. You may require a qualified therapist or it may be something that I can assist you in resolving. Either way, I encourage you to face those doors that are keeping you from moving forward in your life.

It is a new day!! Hurray for you for going through those doors and putting to rest all those things that are holding you back!


  1. Interesting way of approaching your past beliefs and experiences. "The past cannot hurt you unless you allow it to hamper your present and future." Very true!

  2. That's such a wise approach, to focus on the past only when it impacts on your present life and your capability to be happy. As a coach, I am trained to look forward, to take what is and make the best of it, but I'm also trained to recognise when it's time to step aside and refer a client to a therapist - namely, when they find themselves unable to look forward because they are stuck in past patterns.
    I love this! :-)

  3. I really like the idea of stepping through the door to put old stuff to rest. I am going to spend some time today thinking about what doors I have and how I can face stepping through.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love Supernatural and have watched it from episode 1 :) My problem with doors in visualisations is that I can watch myself go through them but can't actually go through them myself if that makes sense. It's like I'm the observer above the door and can't actually picture going through the door, I just watch my body go through it and come out the other side. It makes me think I do this in life a lot, observe what's happening instead of being fully involved. You've given me something to think about!