Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Message Number Ten

I want to talk a little today about a non physical journey into the other realms I took today. While doing a meditation, I was taken to a period of time several hundred years ago. I was taken into the outskirts of a Native American village, where I saw a young boy of about twelve or thirteen running toward his village. This boy was known to be gifted even at his young age, for hearing from the Spirit world. As I watched him in the Spirit realm, he ran toward his village and then into a gathering of the adult men of the village. The white men had begun to show themselves in the territory and the men of this village were gathering to decide what to do to retaliate for this infringement on their land. They were contemplating attacking the settlements and the young boy was trying to get them to change their minds. I remember while watching the young boy was trying to tell them that no one "owns" any land, that it is all borrowed from our Mother Earth, and that we are only given guardianship of it for a short time. He had seen in the Spirit that if the men of the village indeed attacked the white men, that there would be retaliation and that the village would eventually be no more. He told the men that there was nothing that they could do to stop the white men and killing and war were never the answer in regards to peace. Of course the men of the village did not listen, and in my vision I saw that no one in the village listened to the young boy. Eventually the village was burned to the ground in retaliation for the attack, and the young boy was the only one to escape alive. I wasn't shown how long he lived after that or what happened to him, but my Spirit guide the crow told me that he lived with guilt the rest of his life for surviving and yet he made a vow to shut down his gift because of the pain he endured from no one in the village believing him.

I am not sure if this message will speak to anyone else who reads my blogs or not but the message to me was that even if no one believes you, it is important to speak your truth. And if you do speak up and no one acknowledges your words, then do not stop speaking or shut down the voices that speak.

The other message in this story is indeed that no one owns any land. We are all given gifts from our Mother Earth and the responsibility to take care of the land we are fortunate enough to live on for only a short time. It is important before undertaking any project, to ask permission of the land and the spirits of the land for what you have in mind. Do not think that anything really belongs to you. You cannot own any piece of land, really, any more than you can own a person or an animal. Everything has a spirit of its own and we just co-habitate with each other for the time we are given. Let us make every effort to live in peace with one another. We all are given gifts that we can bless each other with, and there is no reason to fight with one another. War never brings peace. The more we give love, the more love is given back to us.

Yes in our history is much war and much bloodshed, no matter what race we are, no matter what heritage we call our own. We have all made mistakes. We have all thought that we were separate from our enemies, but in truth we are all the same. Let us stop fighting with one another and learn to live together in peace.

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