Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Message A Day

Last month near the end of the year, I had received a message that I was to post a message a day on my blog for the month of January, a message which I promptly ignored, as you who read my blogs can see. The first part of this month is a bit of a blur for me spiritually. I was receiving not much communication from the Higher Realms and I was glad that I had ignored the message, because what if I had posted my intention, and then no messages came through? And I wonder if people would actually check my blog every day for thirty days to read a message? Today while on the elliptical machine my Guides reminded me of the message, and I said to them, "Yes but it is too late. It is already the middle of January. I was supposed to start on January first, and obviously I did not do that." My Guides told me that in the Spirit it is never too late. Well okay. Today is January 15th so I am going to step out on a limb here and say that according to my Guides I am going to receive a message a day for the next thirty days. They will not be long messages, as some of my blogs tend to be, but nevertheless I have been told it is time to step out on a limb and do this. And here is the first of thirty messages...........

The message I got for today is in regards to all the talk about this year, 2012. I am not one who ascribes to the belief that the world is going to end this year, nor that we are going to go through some cosmic rapture into another dimension. Today I was connecting with the spirit of the land in which the shopping center where my gym is located inhabits. I was thanking this spirit for its participation in my life just by being the location where I exercise and also the place where I receive many of my messages, since the repetitive motion of the elliptical machine is for some reason conducive to a trance-like state where the Other Realms seem to be able to get through to me. I asked the spirit of the land if it minded being the location where a shopping center had been built. I felt the spirit of the land laugh at me. He reminded me that he did not live in time like I did. Relative to all the millenia he had been inhabiting that location, the shopping center was just a drop in the bucket of time. He helped me to understand that he enjoyed this particular drop in time. He felt the energy of those who came to exercise and it was a welcome change to him. He told me that asphalt and cinder blocks that made up the shopping center were not offensive to him. It was like all the people that come and go are like his children and he loves them all. He told me that just as I love my child no matter what age she is, but the love is different when she was two than it is now that she is twenty six, it is the same for him and the other High Guides that watch over mankind. Some of the children are two in their evolution and some are very old, but They love all their children no matter what stage of life they are in. It is the same, he told me, with all the talk of 2012. Some are predicting disasters and some are predicting rapture and some are disinterested in the whole concept. It is because all of Their children are in different stages of their development, and each would experience the year in exactly the way they should. Some may experience disaster, some may find enlightenment, and many will find themselves somewhere in between. The important thing, he told me, is to embrace whatever place you may find yourself. Enjoy the journey, he said to me. This year was to be a year of great change. Some may find it to their liking, and some not so much, and some may not see much change at all in their everyday lives, but everyone would be exactly where they should be. And that is because there are no "shoulds".

This was a good message for me. It shows me that there is no reason to judge anyone on the stage of evolution in which they find themselves. Just like a child who is two likes to have temper tantrums and that is somewhat expected but not necessarily embraced, it becomes a different matter if the same soul is still having temper tantrums at fifteen or twenty. But still in the cosmic picture, this is still just a drop in the bucket of time. Eventually the temper tantrums will stop and all of us souls will figure things out.

So come on, 2012. I am ready for whatever you have for me.

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