Friday, January 20, 2012

Message Number Six

So far the messages I am receiving seem to be connected. My first post talked about a conversation with the spirit of the land upon which my gym resides and the second message was similar in talking about a connection with the spirit of the land upon which a local business resides and the message was about how connected we all are and how healing of one promotes the healing of all. This message is a little similar to that in that it talks about the connection of us all.

For several months I have been nursing a sore knee associated with my obsession with exercise. Some days are worse than others but recently I began to wear one of those knee pads on occasion when it was acting up. Recently I wore the knee pad to the gym and was working out at my normal pace when I happened to engage in conversation with one of the owners of the gym. He asked me about my knee and I told him that I had not been to the doctor, I just wore the knee pad because my knee hurt sometimes and it seemed to make it feel better. He suggested that sometimes injuries occur because the muscles around the sore muscle are not as strong as they should be. He suggested doing some squats and other exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knee. Sure enough, the pain in my knee has subsided after a week or two of some leg strengthening exercises.

I am of the belief that nothing happens by accident and that many times our bodies give us messages about what is going on inside of us. I asked my Angels and Guides if there was a message in this for me. They indicated that one sure way of making sure I was walking my path without pain was to make sure that others connected to me were strong as well. Many times I have the tendency to take on the pain of others and carry it around with me as if it were my own. My Guides told me that it was important that others that are close to me find their own strength and that this would ease my pain as well. How do you help strengthen others around you without intruding on their free will? My Guides told me that my knee had been carrying around the weight for other muscles around it and that this was causing pain and that by helping others to grow strong on their own without my intervention it was causing them to be strong and allowing me to be strong and free of pain myself. Sometimes carrying all the weight for someone else is not good for them or for me.  A part of one of the messages I recently received was that when one soul is healed then we all benefit and this message is similar in a different way. Sometimes the way to heal is to allow those you love to grow strong as well. And sometimes the way to do that is to not carry all that weight yourself. Yes, give encouragement. Yes, offer help when asked. But do not carry the weight of others life lessons around in your soul. Do not agonize if they make what seems to you to be wrong choices.

I find it interesting that this message comes to me on my mother's birthday. She was one of those who gave of herself constantly even up to the hours before her death. I remember telling her once that I felt like the cancer from which she suffered was the manifestation of years of allowing her service to others to drain her energy, her life blood. She continually gave of herself even when she was so weak she could barely make it out of bed. From her hospital bed she was calling others who were sick to check on them.  There is a fine line between giving of yourself in service to others and allowing others to drain you until there is nothing left.

This applies to my healing sessions as well. I offer help to others by retrieving parts of their souls and reuniting them to lost pieces of themselves. I administer reiki and send love and healing energy to wounded hearts and hurting bodies. However, the healing process is an individual thing and I cannot take responsibility if someone does not get better. I cannot doubt myself and wonder if I did everything I could have done. We all must walk our own path. I have no healing power of my own. It is all from my Source and I am only a hollow conduit through which the healing energy passes. This is an important lesson for anyone who feels called to help with the healing path of others.

Message Number Six: sometimes your own healing is related to allowing others in your life to grow strong on their own. You cannot carry the weight of everyone around you. When others around you are learning to be strong, then you are strong as well.

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