Friday, February 26, 2010


It had been awhile since I had written down any messages from my Angels, due to a busy schedule, and just not taking the time to write things down. I talk to my Angels and Guides every day, sometimes several times a day, but most of the guidance I get seems to be on a personal level. So this morning while on the treadmill I wanted a message I could share, and I asked the Angels for something to write down and put in my blog. My main Angel, I call her Gabriella, because the Angel Gabriel is the Angel of communication and since she appears to me to be female, although I know that the Angels are not one way or the other, but that is how she appears to me, I decided to call her Gabriella. Now I know that the Angels don't really care what we call them, and names are for our own benefit, not theirs, but it helps me to identify her. She kind of surprised me with her answer. She said that she was not giving me anything else until I shared the things she had already told me. I asked her to be more specific, since nothing came to mind that I felt comfortable sharing. And she put into my mind two incidents that had happened to me. I will share both of them, but maybe not in the same blog.

One day last week I was at work, and I was mad. Something had not gone the way I would have preferred for it to go, and I had been mad most of the day. I was sitting at a desk doing some work and I was thinking about how mad I was that this situation had not gone the way I would have preferred for it to go. I don't get mad very often, but lately at work it seems to have occurred more frequently in the past few weeks. Now I know that our emotions and thoughts create our reality, and that by being mad I was only escalating the problem, but in that moment I just wanted to be mad. I was in the office alone, and I almost audibly heard Gabriella say to me, "You need to let this go!" I took a few deep breaths and attempted to release my feelings of anger. One of my coworkers walked by and I had one of those "aha" moments. This particular coworker has two children with a blood disorder and every so often he has to take them to get blood transfusions. I heard Gabriella say, "you have no problems! If someone has a right to be mad, it is him! What about the people who have no jobs? What about the people who are disabled in some way? This is nothing for you to get so mad about!! Let it go!!!" Immediately I was able to put my situation in perspective. I sent out vibrations of love and light into the atmosphere there at the Post Office and to the people who I had been angry with and came up with a compromise which I later proposed to my supervisor, who happily accepted my idea. I also sent out a vibration of love to that coworker and his children. He had said nothing to me. All he did was walk by and I got a spanking from my Angel.

I guess the message that Gabriella wanted to get across is that no solutions can come about from an atmosphere of anger. When we are mad the energy around us is dense and we are sending out an unseen but very real signal. That ancient law of giving and receiving comes into play here. Even if we don't say anything out loud, our energy that we are putting out comes back to us. It is very important to send out the energy vibrations of love. I have had many opportunities to remember and put this lesson into practice in the past few days since I got this message. It is like the Angels just put situations in our laps and see how we are going to react. One day I will react the way I am supposed to right away and They will clap and say... " Finally Joy, you got it right this time!!

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  1. Just remember that it's ok to feel your feelings - even if you are mad. Feel them, honor them for being there and then let them go. Sounds like you got it right and hopefully you won't be so hard on yourself the next time you don't get it right. LOL...none of us are perfect and are prone to fail once in a while. I know that I do! Loved this one!