Saturday, September 1, 2012



It is by no accident that the page of wands would be the first card in my series of messages from the cards of the tarot. In the tarot the page of wands represents new ideas. The page represents starting something new and youthful creativity. If you have a new, creative idea but it is still in the baby stages, the page of wands might be a card you may want to meditate on.

In this card the page is holding a staff which appears to be just beginning to bud. He has a feather in his hat. He is looking at the staff or possibly just beyond it. He appears to be pleased with himself. The scenery around him is plain, with mountains in the distance. It appears that he is just about to embark upon a journey and that there may be mountains to scale at some point in the future. But right now his outlook is bright. He is optimistic and feeling good about his prospects.

Just for today, think about what new things you want to birth into your life. Expect the best. Look at your ideas. They are just budding, not yet in concrete form. Before anything can birth into your life, you have to have an intention.  An idea has to formulate. This idea is young and you may be  inexperienced,but enthusiastic.

Along the way, the idea may transform as it matures. As you go along with your creative adventure, don't be afraid to change direction at some point. At this time things are not engraved in stone. But this is an exciting stage to be in. Be daring. Be adventurous. Look outside of the box. Go for it!!

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