Thursday, August 30, 2012

Messages From the Tarot

Recently I have been instructed by my Guides to study the Tarot. Now I have had a couple of different sets of tarot cards for several years and up until now I had not been successful really connecting with the energy of the tarot. As you know I have been hearing messages for many years, but mostly my messages come directly from the Angels and Guides or through other methods. When I first got the message that I was to study the tarot, I was a bit resistant at first. The Guides had to send me many signs over and over again until I finally agreed. My resistance was not due to any misguidings about the tarot, I guess I just had never had a real connection to them up until now.

It started with a recent meditation when I heard the name "Isis" while I was meditating. I was not sure who she was but I knew this was the name I heard. Later when I did some investigating, I found that she was an Egyptian Goddess of magic. This was something new for me. However, she made it known that she was going to assist me in connecting with the energy of the tarot. I began to connect with the cards, one at a time.

I thought that I would address the issue that the tarot is somehow evil or attracts negative energy. Being brought up a born again Christian I was taught that any sort of consulting with energy of this kind attracted evil spirits. Let me assure you that any time I connect with my Guides or I am introduced to a new energy I always make it a point to ask them if they are of the Light. It is easy to tell if the energy is of the Light because of the way I feel. My inner guidance system lets me know if the messages I receive are of the Light because if they are then I feel good and if they are not then I feel not so good. If I feel "icky" then I know that the energy is not of the Light. This time I was repeatedly assured that this was my current path and so I embarked on this new adventure.

After having connected with the cards one by one I was recently instructed that my next step was to take thirty days and pick a card every day for thirty days and post a message connected to the card I picked that day. I thought that since September was about to begin it might be a good month to start. So for the next thirty days I will be picking one card and connecting with that card and giving a message from Spirit in connection with the meaning of that particular card. Now the tarot has 78 cards and so far I have only been instructed to do this for thirty days. After the thirty days then I guess I will receive instruction as to whether or not to continue. But this is the plan. Starting in September I will pick a card and post a short message every day pertaining to the card I choose. Since the actual cards are copyrighted I am not sure if I will be able to post a picture of the card but I am going to maybe post a link to a picture.

If you remember at the beginning of this year I did a similar thing when I posted a message a day for thirty days. This is a similar undertaking only this time I will be doing this in conjunction with the tarot. I am looking forward to this new adventure and I hope you will check the blog frequently to see the message for the day!!  Enjoy!!


  1. I look forward to seeing what you post....I am always intrigued by your ideas. Love ya, Joy

    1. Thanks Andrea.. I am amazed myself sometimes with the messages....I definitely don't think this stuff up myself... I am not that