Saturday, September 15, 2012

Two of Swords

In this card we have what appears to me to be a woman, sitting on a bench with her back to a body of water containing large rocks, holding two swords crossed over her heart, and wearing a blindfold. There is a crescent moon above and behind her.

This card speaks to me of a person who does not want to see something. The blindfold appears to be self inflicted. The swords crossed over her heart are in fact in her own hands. The fate of this woman is in her own hands. She has closed her heart and closed her eyes. There is something she does not want to see or want to face. Swords represent the intellect, conflict and the mental realm. Water represents emotions, the moon represents intuition. Her back is to both her feelings and her intuitive sense. This card speaks of being at an impasse, not being able to move forward but not wanting to go back either.

In our lives we all have things we do not want to face, issues that are difficult. We may sense the infidelity of a lover or we may have doubts about our own feelings in our primary relationships. There may be something within that is holding us back from moving forward and fulfilling our destiny. We may be fearful of the unknown. Sometimes it is easier to remain in a place that is unfulfilling than to shed the relationships or environment that is holding us back. Our ship cannot come in because we are in a place where the water is filled with dangerous rocks.

The truth of the matter is that whatever we don't face now we will end up facing at some point in our future. Life is a series of lessons, and if we fail a test or just refuse to take the test, we will get the opportunity over and over until we do. There is no graduating to the next level until we pass the tests we are given.

The worst scenario is when we have closed our eyes and our hearts to our own needs and desires. Sometimes we may have the best of intentions. We may fear hurting the people in our lives. We may think that it is heroic if we put aside our own needs for the needs of others. Or maybe we cannot imagine how we will survive without that other person. It is not good for the other person if you are there only because you don't want to hurt their feelings. Each one of us has the right to be in a primary relationship with someone who is dedicated to that relationship. If one or the other is not committed, then both suffer.

Today is the day to open your eyes and see what you do not want to see. Take the swords down which you have in place to protect your heart. Turn that bench around and face that emotion or intuitive feeling which you have turned your back on. We are only living if we are feeling our raw emotions, if we are opening ourselves up to the spray of mist from the ocean of passion. What is your life worth if you spend your whole life living a lie? How have you robbed the significant people in your life of a life filled with true emotions, not pretense?

Remember this. If something is not good for you, it is also not good for those with whom you share your life. The significant people in your life deserve to spend their lives with people who really want to be there. In the same sense, you also deserve to spend your life with people who are true and honest with you.

Whether it is a relationship, a career, a home, or another scenario that you have closed your eyes and your hearts to, today is the day to take off that blindfold and put down the sword. Stop lying to yourself and face that which you have turned your back on. If you feel you are at an impasse, then spend some time meditating on what you really want to do with your life.Don't come to the end of your life with regrets. Live with wild abandon. It is time.

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