Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Penny

I know. I had said that this month my messages were going to come from the tarot. Well this message came to me as I was outside running and it had nothing to do with the tarot so today we are going to skip the tarot and just get something straight from Spirit.

This happened to me yesterday morning, my day off from work at the Post Office. My tarot message for yesterday had to do with having some fun and not taking everything so seriously. I had decided to go outside and run and during my run was contemplating what fun thing I might be able to get into and still get all my day's work done. I was getting close to arriving back at the house. I happened to look down in the street as I running past and I saw a penny laying on the ground. I remembered that many times pennies are our departed loved ones way of sending us a message. I felt my mom say to me to stop and pick up the penny. I had noticed that the penny was on tails and the old superstition says if the penny is on heads, stop and pick it up but if it is on tails, leave it lay. I decided to ignore the urge to stop and pick it up. After all, it was only a penny. I continued a short distance on from the penny and a crow called out to me. This is  a sure sign to me that Spirit is around. I felt the crow telling me to listen to my mom's urging and go back and get the penny.

I don't know why in the world all this fuss about a penny. Okay. So I turned around and went back to the place in the road where I saw the penny. No penny. I looked all around. It wasn't there. I know I was not seeing things. That penny was there. I continued looking for a bit and then I gave up. It was just a penny.

Just then Spirit told me that the message was that it was very important to listen to urges from Spirit because if I miss an opportunity then it is just gone. I had the opportunity at that point to pick up a penny as a reminder that my mom is looking on from the Other Side. But I ignored that opportunity.

Now I am not saying that my mom will not come back to communicate with me again. I am sure she will. But the message loud and clear is that many times we feel urgings from Spirit to do something. Yesterday's urging had to do with lightening up and going out and enjoying myself. I don't have to always be working. Spirit told me that sometimes when I am told to do something that I need to do it right then and there. The opportunity might not come again for awhile. It's kind of like when you go shopping and you see something you want but you decide to wait and see if the urge for that certain something is still there in a couple of days. Then you decide you really do want it but when you go back it is either not there anymore or it is not on sale anymore. Now one way of thinking is that if you were supposed to have it, it would have been there. The other way to look at it is that if you feel like something is an urge from somewhere deep inside, in that deep knowing place within you, and you ignore it, that opportunity might just pass you by.

So today's message is this. If you feel prompted by Spirit to do something, even if it is just to stop and pick up a penny, do it!! If you decided to ignore that prompting and then change your mind later and try to go back to do that which you felt prompted to do, the opportunity could be gone. It is time for us to stop ignoring our inner voice. The more we ignore the voice of Spirit, the less Spirit will communicate with us. If you are being prompted to vote for the opposite party than you are used to affiliating yourself with, then do it. There must be a reason!! ( that happened to me once, not that I am one party or the other, but I used to be.) If Spirit tells you to go eat at Chick- Fil- A after you have been boycotting it, then go. If you haven't been to church in ten years and Spirit tells you to go, then go. I think you are getting the point.

Let us be still long enough to listen to Spirit so that we can be tuned in enough to know when we are being prompted to stop and pick up a penny. Don't miss your opportunity.

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