Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ten of Pentacles

Today's card is the card of success, wealth, security, and permanence. Whereas yesterday's card indicated that there was change in the air, today's card is all about security, feeling secure in one's environment, and having enough to share with others.

In this card the figures in the card are in the middle of town square. There is an older man, dressed in a regal robe, symbolizing prosperity with all its pomp and circumstance, petting a dog, and close by there is a family with a small child, the small child also petting one of the dogs, and looking towards the older gentleman. There are pentacles, symbolic in the tarot of wealth, seemingly floating in the air throughout this card. One of the images of this card is that of a money tree. In this card is the feeling of money growing on trees. There is enough for all, with the hint that it is time to share the wealth.

This card also has the feel of generosity. You have been blessed with much and it is time to pass on what you have received.

I want you to look past the face value of this card. Think about how you are truly blessed. If you are not blessed with a fat bank account, you can think of many ways in which you are blessed. There are so many who are poor in material wealth but rich in family ties, rich in health, rich in wisdom, rich in love. We all have something we are really good at. You may be an excellent cook, or maybe you are really good with children. We all have come into this lifetime with something that is our golden egg, so to speak. It is that thing that you have that no one else has exactly like you do. It is that I want you to think of for a moment. Maybe that thing that you do really well has not exactly made you rich. I want to present to you the idea that riches come in all forms. Maybe you do not live in an affluent neighborhood, but you have friends who are there for you at the drop of a hat. You have love. You can think of at least one thing you have that is really really good.

Sometimes we spend too much time thinking about what we don't have and forget to realize that we all have something that makes us prosperous. The ten of pentacles does not have to be just about money, although it can be. It is time to think about what you have in abundance and then think about how you can pass the wealth on to those who could use more of what you have. If you have nothing else, you have your smile. Everyone can smile at someone today and pass along the feeling of good will.

Just for today, embrace the ten of pentacles. Think about what you have that makes you wealthy. Think about how you can share what you have with someone who has not so much of that quality. If nothing else, we all have an abundance of the potential to love. Love from your heart. What does abundance mean to you? Imagine those coins floating around in the air and having so much in abundance that it would not affect your life in the least if you passed some on to others. Leave a legacy. What will your legacy be?

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