Tuesday, September 4, 2012

King of Pentacles


Today's card is the King of Pentacles. What a wonderful card!! This card represents prosperity, wealth, and being at the top of your game. All is going well. You are sitting on your throne. Your kingdom is at peace; your crops are producing; you are manifesting all you have put your intentions toward. All is well.

Isn't it wonderful when you reach this point in your life? I know I have readers who will say that they have never been at this place in their life, when there is no struggle, no obstacles to overcome, all is well. Sometimes in our lives we are so used to the struggle, the hard work, the feeling like as soon as one trial or struggle is overcome there is another one right on the horizon. There are even belief systems out there that tell us that life is supposed to be hard. We are supposed to work hard and struggle. That is what life is about.

Today Spirit is telling us that it is time to change our perception. If we believe that life is supposed to be a struggle, then it always will be. If we believe that the economy is bad and we will never have enough, then we will experience the manifestation of that belief. If we groan every time we stop to put gas in our gas tank and complain about the price, then we will always struggle to pay for our gas. What if, instead of complaining about gas prices, say thank you to Spirit for the ability to fill your tank up no matter what the price? What if you place a love stamp on your bills because you love to have the ability to pay them?

Just for today, imagine that you are that king sitting on his throne.  Your crops are growing in the fields and ready to be harvested. Your kingdom is at peace. All your needs are met and there is nothing that you want that you cannot have. If this is the life you desire for yourself and your family, then maybe you should meditate on the King of Pentacles.

One last thing. There is nothing wrong with having all your needs met. Sometimes there is a voice inside of us that tells us that having all our needs met makes us lazy or sinful. Not true. If you hear a little voice inside your head telling you that you can never have this, then that is a sign you still have some work to do. You are not yet connecting with this card or this mentality.

Yes, I realize that there are people out there that have been displaced by acts of nature. I realize that people are struggling with unemployment, sickness, and scores of other challenges. This mentality starts inside of you. I saw a movie once in which a man was unjustly put into prison. He was there for many years. I don't remember the name of the movie or anything else about the movie except this one quote: " you can imprison my body but you can never imprison my soul."  This is the mentality of the King of Pentacles. No matter what you see happening in your physical world, you can embrace this card. Remember that your wealth begins in your soul and eventually manifests in your outer world.

Today Spirit wants you to embrace the King of Pentacles. Be the king of your own throne. Embrace the wealth that is in your soul, just waiting for you to access its treasure.

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