Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wheel of Fortune


This morning I focused on the cards and then drew a card for today's message. The first card I got was the King of Pentacles. I thanked Spirit for the card. A good card, but I already wrote about this one, I told Spirit. Not that I can't get the same card twice. But please give me a different card, I asked. The second time I drew the Wheel of Fortune. This is a great card too.

I love this card because it represents change. In numerology we are in a year of change. The number ten which is the number equivalent of the wheel of fortune represents beginnings and inner gifts. In other words, new things are coming, change, and especially in the spiritual realm.

I thought since the first card I drew was the King of Pentacles, I would incorporate that card as well into the message for today. If you remember, the King of Pentacles represents success, being at the top of your game, great fortune. The wheel of fortune represents luck, change in fortune, destiny. They are similar cards but the wheel of fortune has within it the ability to also mean luck working against you. It all depends on where you find yourself on the wheel at the time you pull the card and whether you have been a person of character up until now. The wheel of fortune has within it the essence of karma, of reaping what you have sown.

Yesterday I talked about how we want our dreams to come to pass immediately. We want instant gratification. We want to sow our seeds and have them come up and produce a crop right away. Sometimes we have to let that baby grow within our bellies and allow the birth to happen at just the right time. The wheel of fortune says to us that it is about time for that baby to be born. Things are about to change.

Here is the thing about receiving messages from Spirit. There is no time outside of our realm of understanding. So when Spirit tells you that things are about to change, you may have in your mind that Spirit is telling you that within a few days or perhaps a week things will change. You have to understand that Spirit is notoriously bad at timing because there is no time where They are. Time only means something to us. From Their perspective change may be right around the corner but it may take some time to get to us.

So the essence of the message for today is that yes, things are about to change. If you have been a person of character and have been toiling along waiting for things to get better, then take heart, your ship is about to come in. The King of Pentacles agrees. Chances are, if you are not a person who is interested in Spirit and have been working on yourself spiritually, you are probably not reading this message. So don't even worry about the wheel going in the opposite direction. This card indicates that time is circular and that the wheels of change are turning.

Change is inevitable. Things that stay the same stagnate. We learn and grow through change. That is what life is all about. Sometimes the wheel has to turn in a downward direction in order to eventually come back up. Whichever way you find the wheel turning, take heart. The King of Pentacles who also appeared this morning says it will be beneficial. Just for today, remember that change is coming and it is all good. If the change turns out to be difficult change, it will make you stronger. If it turns out to be beneficial, all the better. Get ready. The wheel is turning.

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