Friday, September 21, 2012

Knight of Swords

Today's card is the knight of swords. In it we see a knight, riding full speed ahead on his horse, holding his sword in front of him, the wind blowing against him, the sky ominous, the trees bending in the fierce wind. This card represents someone in our life, or ourselves, riding against the wind. It could represent conflict of some sort, words that cut and seem to come out of nowhere, but the energy of this card is sudden, and often unexpected.

Wind most often represents change, and sudden change at that. Knights often also represent something that happens speedily, and swords represent words, conflict, or issues with our mind. The swords have the potential of cutting to the chase.

Many times we are living our lives, and then, out of the blue, someone invades our world. There are words that cut and cause us or those we love to bleed and suffer. If often comes out of the blue, unexpected. After it is over we or those we have had conflict with are often left with guilt, as in the previous blog. We often go to bed, lose sleep, toss and turn, riddled with the words that have invaded our world.

It is so important to weigh our words. We can never take them back. We may apologize, feel remorse, try to make amends, but words are out there, in the atmosphere, biting us where it hurts, so to speak. In recent days we have seen in the media how words that have come out of the mouths of political candidates have come back to haunt them. Of course they meant what they were saying at the time. It was only afterward when the uproar over those words bit them, did they backpedal and try to soften the blow. We can also see how words can change everything. The whole course of an event can be changed by words spoken carelessly or without thought or consideration of everyone involved.

I usually try to capsulize an idea into something to embrace "just for today", that way the task does not seem so daunting, however, my sincere plea for today's message is that we weigh our words. Take the feelings of others into consideration. Sincerely feel how other people are going to take the words that come out of your mouth. You never know how your words will change the course of the path of your life. I have noticed that putting my words out there in the eyes of all has changed how people react to my blogs. Some have some sort of prejudice against the tarot in general, thinking it is somehow evil or sinful. This is also something to consider. Watch your prejudices. Watch your judgements. If something is out there that you have had a prejudice against, reevaluate. Is is causing harm or good? Just because it has always been thought of as evil, doesn't mean it is. It is time to eradicate our prejudices.  The cardinal rule of wicca is "harm none." And yet there is a stigma that some still attach to this belief system. It is time to revisit our prejudices and the words and thoughts that have separated us as a human race and instead find the things that we can agree on. Love and forgiveness seems to be at the heart of every true religion. We need to stop thinking that our way is the only way. As long as love and peace and joy is the result of someone's belief system or way of life, then who are we to judge?

 Let us put down our swords. Let us stop going into battle against an unknown enemy. In the card of the knight of swords the enemy is not shown. Even the forces of nature are trying to prevent this knight from going into battle. The winds are against him. And yet his resolve is set.

Think about those with whom you have spoken out words of aggression or conflict, and especially those of a particular faith or ethnicity or persuasion that you do not agree with or are unfamiliar with but with whom you have issues. Are they really as bad as you think? Think of the mantra "harm none." Is this your goal? Just for today, take this as your intention. "I will do no harm. I will say only words of love and acceptance. I will judge not."

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