Monday, September 10, 2012


Today's message from Spirit is about the strength that comes from within. In the tarot card strength, which is the eighth card of the major arcana, a woman is depicted serenely holding the mouth of a lion. In the particular variation I chose this time on the link above, she is walking calmly beside the lion along with a dog and a cat. I chose this variation just because I like the image, but the message is the same. The message is that it is the strength that comes from within that tames the wild lion, often symbolic of our ego or our wild nature, or it could be an obstacle of some kind, or just life itself, which is often a struggle.

When you come across this card, it is usually a sign that whatever obstacle you are facing, it can be overcome by going within and drawing upon your inner resources. It is also a message that if we are at peace within ourselves, then our outer world has to come into alignment.

I spent many years wondering how I could live in such turmoil in my life when I was doing all the right things, seemingly. I went to church multiple times a week, I gave my free time to doing things that I thought were spiritual, and yet I was always broke, always in turmoil in my marriage, always struggling. I prayed to God every day to take the turmoil away, and He didn't. One day I guess I woke up and realized that God was not going to do anything for me that I was not willing to do for myself. I made a plan and rid my life of the issues that were making me miserable. For awhile I was mad at God and thought how dare He not come to my rescue. I had to do all these things myself and He did not help me at all. I started meditating and finding my strength within myself. I found the peace that I thought I was supposed to have from following God and I found it within myself.

After awhile I discovered that God did not desert me after all. He was not outside of myself, somewhere up in the sky. He (or She, for God is not one or the other) was within me. I am a spark of the Divine, or God. The answers that I need are not outside of myself. Yes, I talk to the Divine. Sometimes He is Jesus. Sometimes She is Diana or one of the other Goddesses. Sometimes He or She is one of my Power Animals or one of the Angels. Each one of these representations is a different aspect of the Divine which is also manifested within me. No I don't think there is only one way to heaven. I think Heaven is within me,and all the answers I seek are there.

When we find that strength that is within us, then all the lions that are in our world seem to lose their roar. Yes, I still have challenges like everyone else. Sometimes I forget that all the answers I need are within me.  But when I get back to my center and go within myself I always find all the answers I need. And if I don't know the answer then I assume I don't need to know right now. One of my affirmations is that whatever I need to know is revealed to me.

Just for today, put on the shelf all your preconceptions of how life is supposed to be. Don't expect some Higher Power outside of yourself to come to your rescue. You are the tamer of the lion.  If you are living a life of challenges then it is up to you to make some changes. Go within and find your place of peace. All the answers you need are within your reach. You just have to find your strength within yourself and then the lion will walk beside you in peace.

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  1. thank you for your words today....I am always inspired