Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nine of Swords

Most of the cards I have drawn in this month of messages from the tarot have been really good cards. I am a very positive person, so I have enjoyed writing the blogs, with messages from Spirit that make me feel good. I am sure that if I feel good writing the messages, then my readers will enjoy reading them. So when I drew this card, I had to really think about what  Spirit might want to say today.

This card, the nine of swords, depicts a person sitting up in bed with her(?) head down and cupped in her hands. The wall behind her bed is a dark blue, and on the wall it appears that there are nine swords hanging above her head. She is covered by a patchwork quilt. To me the bed appears hard and uncomfortable.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I contemplate this card is that this person is not sleeping due to some sort of conflict hanging over her head. The end of the swords, the point, is not shown, which means the end result of the conflict is not yet known. The symbolism of attempting to sleep on a hard bed, to me, symbolizes that the person depicted has made a hard bed for herself to lay on. In other words, the reason for her insomnia is probably self inflicted.

Most of us can admit that at some point in our lives we have made for ourselves a hard bed to lay on. We have done things we are ashamed of. We feel guilt. We feel responsible for something or someone who is causing us grief and anxiety. We may lay awake at night, tossing and turning, going over in our heads the possible implications of our thoughts, words, or actions.

This card does not offer a way out or an end result. The tips of the swords are not shown. The number nine is the number of finality, of completion, of endings, but this card does not depict a final result. We may have conflict hanging over our heads, but the final result is not yet determined.

What would Spirit say to us in regards to this card? I am hearing that no matter what you have done or what you have gone through, the end result is not set in stone. You have made a hard bed for yourself. You have yourself hung those swords above your own head. Your own guilt has kept you awake at night. But that is not the end of the story.

There are a couple of possibilities. Either you have done something for which you feel guilty or you are carrying a heavy load for which you are feeling anguish. You are staying awake at night, going over in your head the possible implications. You are worried about the possible outcomes. It is time to get up out of that hard bed you have made for yourself and take down those swords which are hanging over your head. It is time to come clean. Only you can remedy this.

If you are losing sleep over a bad decision, an indiscretion, something you have done that you are ashamed of, then now is the time to come clean. If you don't, eventually the truth will come out anyway. Spirit is giving you the chance to come clean on your own before the truth comes out some other way. It is much better to admit guilt than to backpedal and have to explain away your actions.

This is a warning card. The message is that if you have a secret, something that you are ashamed of, now is the time to come clean.

Obviously this card is not for everyone. But there is someone who needs to hear this message. Today is the day to come clean.

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