Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Hermit

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 Today's message is in connection with the tarot card called the Hermit. In this card, we see an older man, by himself, usually with a cloak covering his head, holding a lantern, overlooking a cliff.

No, this card does not mean it is time to withdraw from society. At least not permanently. But sometime today, Spirit says it may be advisable to find some time alone, some time to do some inner contemplation. There is wisdom and enlightenment available only to those who go within.

Those who never find time to be alone with their Inner Wisdom, their Higher Self, will never find that place of connection with Source, that place where all their longings and inner desires find form in the natural world.

Have you ever been around people who are uncomfortable being alone? Even if they find themselves alone, the radio or the television is always blaring. There is always some sort of distraction to that place where the only sound is the sound of their own soul.

Just for today, take some time to be alone. If you have small children or a large family that is constantly demanding your attention, then go into the bathroom if you have to, and be with your own thoughts for even just a moment. Take a deep breath, and feel your inner Guide. Thank the Divine for the time to connect, no matter how long that time may be. If you have some time to spend with yourself, great!! All the better. Spirit says there is wisdom and direction to be found by withdrawing from activity for awhile and connecting with Source, whatever you call your Higher Power, and just being with that Higher Wisdom. Write down any ideas or inspirations that reveal themselves to you.

This is "you" time. Be alone for a few moments. Find your inner peace. Connect with Source. There is some trinket of wisdom that is available only to those who take the time to be alone and seek for that hidden treasure that lies deep within.

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