Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Three of Pentacles


Today's message is contained in the card the three of pentacles. In the picture there is a craftsman who is busy working and to the right of him are a monk and possibly a nun of some sort holding blueprints. There is an ornate carving above of the three pentacles but it appears that work is still in progress.

This card speaks of teamwork. There is also a sense that the craftsman is held in high esteem, as he is shown standing on a bench above the other two people in the card. Drawing this card indicates that there is honor ahead for a job well done, but that the best possible plan of action is to work together for a common goal.

Is there a circumstance in your life where you are required to work together with someone else to bring about a positive outcome? The message for today indicates that if you put your heads together, you can achieve the goal you are pursuing.

One thing that comes to mind is divorce settlements where children are involved. Many times both parties are so intent on getting what "they" deserve, that the children are left in the dust. This card indicates that the best possible outcome will only come if you put aside your differences and work together for the best outcome for the children.

Think about a situation today where you would be well advised to work together with someone else to produce a positive outcome. Put aside competition, jealousy, and self interest and instead think of how everyone could benefit if you use teamwork instead. Many times in our personal and professional lives, we are always looking out for our own self interests. Just for today, put that aside and work as a team instead.

We all could learn from this when we think about political agendas, work agendas, humanitarian agendas, even religious agendas. How many times do we put up walls and judgments toward others who do not think exactly like we do? This could be compared with yesterday's card choice which indicated that it was time to put down the sword. This card is telling us it is time to work together as a team. Obviously Spirit is trying to tell us something.

Let us all work together to bring this world to a higher place of enlightenment and love. Let us all do one kind thing today and raise the collective consciousness one notch or two. Let us all work together to bring about world peace. We cannot do this by drawing lines in the sand and standing on one side while we judge everyone who stands on the other side.

We all can do our part to end war. First we have to end it within ourselves. Then we have to work together to bring about a positive outcome. Just for today, erase that line in the sand. Step over that line and shake the hand of the person on the other side. You can do it. Just for today.

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