Monday, September 3, 2012

five of swords

Well, I will have to admit, I was not too happy when I drew this card for my message a day. I always like to have great messages, and this card is a warning card. This card shows a man holding three swords, with two laying on the ground. He has somewhat of a smug look on his face. There are two men walking away from him, one with his head down. There are ominous clouds in the sky.

The traditional meaning of this card is that either you or someone in your life has been selfish and it has come at the expense of other people. The clouds and the number 5 indicate that change is in the air. Swords traditionally have to do with words, conflict, and the mind.

Is something you are involved in causing pain or harm to someone else? Are you even wishing harm upon others? Do you ever have an opinion about something which is so strong that you wish the opposing opinions ill will? I think we all can admit that we all have buttons, which, when pushed, cause us to take up our swords.

 I guess the biggest thing that came to my mind when I meditated on this card was the presidential election. This is not an election where we are allowed to just ride the fence. Each side has their platform that is completely at odds with the opposing side. If you listen to the ads and to people talking about the election, it is easy to find yourself gathering your swords.

 What is the strongest sword we have available and at our disposal twenty four hours a day? Our tongues. Even the Bible proclaims that our tongues are dangerous weapons. When we take up the sword and use our words to cut people to shreds, to gossip, to complain, when we think that we can manipulate others to do what we want with no thought of free will or retribution, then we are connecting with this card, the five of swords.

Just for today, why don't you say a little prayer for the opposing party in this election? And no, the prayer cannot be that they fall ill or lose their credibility. Pray or send thoughts of love and the best possible outcome for everyone concerned. Let us put down our swords (our thoughts and words) and instead use our words and thoughts to bring healing and restoration. No matter which side of the fence you find yourself, you can put this into practice.

This message can apply to other issues besides the election. If you have a difficult situation in which you have found yourself drawing your sword and gathering up as many swords as you can hold, at the expense of someone else, no matter what the circumstances, you have drawn the five of swords. Put down your sword. Send instead thoughts and prayers of love to those with whom you have come into conflict. It is time to end the battle.

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