Thursday, September 6, 2012

Second Look

My first mistake is that I did not think to set aside the cards I had already drawn so that I would draw a different card every day for the entire month. So I cut the cards and drew a card I had already drawn, the three of pentacles. I thought maybe Spirit was just telling me something personal, so I thanked Spirit and put the card back.

"I really am asking for a card to put on my blog, and I already wrote about this one," I told Spirit.

So I cut the cards again, shuffled them really good, and drew another card. The three of pentacles. I know. I should have left it out after having drawn it twice. Or maybe not. Maybe Spirit has more to say in regards to this card. I studied the card. There is a workman standing on a bench. There are two apparently religious figures standing next to him holding what appears to be plans or blueprints, possibly for the work he is doing. The monk looks inquisitive. I assume the other figure is a religious figure as well, but I am not familiar with the clothing.

The traditional meaning relates to working together as a team, which I already covered in the blog I already wrote about this card. It seems to me that the worker is held in high esteem, thus his position on the bench making him higher than the other two figures. What draws my attention this time is that the inside of what I assume is a temple of some kind, is dark. It is apparently still under construction.

"What if," Spirit said to me, " you are every part of this card? You are the temple still under construction. You are the craftsman building an intricate and ornate cathedral, to be admired by all? You are the monk and the nun, holding blueprints for the construction."

We could say that we are all beautiful cathedrals under construction. Our soul is our temple. We have an idea of who we are and who we want to be. We have a spiritual self, who holds the blueprints for our soul, and oversees the construction of our temple. Our outer self, our physical side, takes the blueprints and turns them into something concrete. The inside of our temple is dark, because within our hearts and souls we hold the secrets of our deepest longings and desires.

In numerology one of the aspects of  the number three is that of expression. We long to express ourselves in the way that we have imagined and for which we have the blueprints deep within our hearts. Three is also a spiritual number, having to do with the three parts of the Godhead, and the three parts our selves, spirit, soul, and body. In shamanism there are three worlds, the upper world- which is the world of the Higher Beings, the middle world- the world we live in, and the lower world - the world of the subconscious. So this card also speaks of a need to express ourselves and reveal our spiritual side to the world.

Sometimes we need to take a second look at things we think we already know. If Spirit has sent us a message more than once, then it is definitely a sign to take another look. If we have gotten the same message at least three times, as I have with this card, the three of pentacles, then it is a sign that there is something I have not yet understood, that I need to meditate some more about.

So the message for today is three-fold.  Spirit wants you to know that you are a work of art under construction. You are the holder of the blueprints, you are the craftsman, and you are the temple. You get to decide what the finished product is going to look like!!

Also remember that if you get a message more than once, then it is important. Take a second look. There is something Spirit is trying to tell you. Sometimes Spirit won't tell you anything else until you get the messages you have already been sent. Take some time and listen.

The last part of this card has to do with promotion and honor. This card sometimes indicates that a promotion is on the way. The craftsman is standing on a bench which makes him higher than the other figures in the picture. Many times a traditional meaning for this card is that there is a promotion on the way or that you will be recognized for the work you are doing. Maybe there is someone out there who reads my blog who needs to know that Spirit thinks they are doing a good job. If this message resonates with you, then this part of the message is for you.

Just for today, recognize that you are a work under construction. You hold all the keys to the outcome of the finished project. You are doing a good job. Keep going!!

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