Sunday, February 12, 2012

Message Twenty Six

In my last message I talked about vows and I said that in a future message we would be talking about how to break a harmful vow.

First of all, how do you know if a vow you have made is in your best interests or the best interests of the other person with whom you may have made it, if the vow was made with another person? Think of a vow you have made. Let us take my previous example in the vow I made that I would never quit the Post Office. When I made that vow, the reason I made that vow was because previously to that I had been a waitress in a restaurant/bar atmosphere. My daughter was three years old. My husband was a self employed carpenter, which meant that sometimes he made really good money but he was frequently out of work and we were perpetually late on our bills. The Post Office was my chance at a steady income and benefits for the first time in my life. The vow was made in reaction to the reality I was living at the time. So even though I was having a hard time working at the Post Office, I vowed I would never quit because of the other factors in my life that were worse than a hard job. So the vow was not made with any degree of higher intention. The vow was made in reaction to a hard life situation. It was not a healthy vow. So did the vow make me feel good? No. Your emotions should be the guide to let you know whether a vow is healthy or not. A vow that makes you feel good when you make it will not necessarily mean that it will always make you feel good. The vow I am referring to in my own life should have showed me that I had created a pretty dim life. After years and years of working at the Post Office, I forgot about the vow. Until recently. I realized that if I wanted to create a life where I was not bound to the financial woes of the Post Office, which we know is not good at this time, then I would have to break that vow.

There are a couple of ways to do this. The important thing is the intention with which you break a vow. Always have the best interests of all parties involved when you break a vow. Now in the previously mentioned vow, I am sure the Post Office does not care one way or the other if I made a vow or if I plan to keep it. But this is not always the case. So I could just say, out loud, " I say now to myself and the Universe that I break this vow I made to never quit the Post Office. I release any invisible cords that tie me to working there. I release any beliefs I may have that the Post Office is the best job that I could have or that I will never be able to make a decent living doing anything else. I now open myself up to receiving income from other sources. I now proclaim that my income is not tied to the Post Office. I thank the Universe for bringing me lots of income from many sources."

There is another ritual that I have done in the past to release a vow. I have written the vow on a piece of paper and then burned it in a candle ritual, basically saying the same words or similar words out loud to the Universe. I thank the fire for burning out any remaining ties that would connect me to the vow and thank the smoke for releasing the vow to the Universe. I bless any people who may have been connected to the vow and release them to their own good in the Universe. It is important to bless any people who may be connected to the vow and ask your Higher Powers to facilitate the breaking of the vow for the good of everyone concerned. I release all of the perceptions of right and wrong, good and bad, that everyone concerned may benefit from the breaking of the vow.

If you feel uncomfortable burning the piece of paper, you can also bury it in the earth and ask the Mother Earth to transform the vow into fertilizer for the earth. Or you can flush the vow down the toilet, with the intention that the vow is being flushed out of your life. As I said, intention is everything. I have heard of people putting similar things on pieces of paper and putting them in the freezer, essentially freezing away their power. However, this seems to me to be impermanent. They are always still there, even though maybe not actively effective in your life. This may work if there is something you want to temporarily free yourself from, to give time for reevaluation.

Now seems to be a time in the Spirit realm for addressing things in our lives that remain unaddressed. We need to be free from anything that ties us down or holds us back so that we can enter into the next phase of our spiritual evolution. If you need closure or release from any situation, try these rituals.

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