Sunday, February 5, 2012

Message Number Twenty One

Yes, I know I missed two days in my message a day for thirty days. I had asked my Angels and Guides who have been providing me with messages for the last twenty days if I could take a couple of days off, so my husband and I could go away for our anniversary. They told me it was okay, which I expected. The Angels never force us to do anything. Their original suggestion that I post a message a day for thirty days came back in December, and they had suggested I do this for the month of January. I was a bit resistant, as I guess you can tell. I do have a full time job, and receiving messages for me does not normally happen like clockwork. Some days I am on my game and the messages flow, and sometimes life gets in the way. My spiritual eyes and ears are not always on. No if you come up to me at the Post Office, the Angels are not going to tell me your life story. I don't just automatically "know" things. Some people claim that they have these gifts, but I have not found my Angels to be tattletales. They don't tell me deep dark secrets of the folks I run into every day.

However, sometimes I can read energy. I can feel emotions that are present around me. Sometimes I know where they are coming from, and sometimes I don't. This evening was one of those occurrences. When we got home from our weekend away, and after we had both napped a bit, I decided to go into my room and get still. I felt a little out of sorts, and I was blaming it on the exorbitant amount of food and beverages I had consumed over the weekend. I connected with my Angels and Guides and my soul. I connected with the Mother Earth. I called back any parts of myself that had wandered off, and proceeded to send back any energy that was not mine. And that is when it happened. In the spirit realm I saw a woman of between sixty and sixty five years old. She seemed to be of the time period of perhaps the fifties. She had bright red hair and was wearing one of those mink stoles (I am not sure if I got the spelling right on that), and a black hat with those netting things that seem to be coming back into style now somewhat. I was told that she had committed suicide. I was wondering how she became attached to me. I usually don't bring spirits home from places I visit, but I imagine that is where she came from. At first I thought maybe I was seeing myself in a previous lifetime, because I had just asked any energy that was mine that had been lost to come back. But I soon realized that she had followed me home from Baltimore.

Now let me just qualify this statement with a little information. Normally if a spirit attaches itself to you, it is because there is something in your energy field that is familiar. They don't just attach to people indiscriminately. In other words, if you suffer from depression, then it is more likely that you would open yourself up to an attachment from a suffering soul that dealt with depression in their lifetime as well. In other words, as long as you keep your energy level high, it is unlikely you will pick up any restless spirits. But if you allow yourself to sink to a lower emotional field, or if you indulge in addictive behavior, then you open yourself up to this sort of thing. In my case, however, spirits sometimes come to me for help, and I am somewhat empathic, so I may feel an emotion and for a bit I will mistake it for my own emotion. With this woman I was feeling that she had been tired of being here in this lifetime. I remember having this emotion in the past, and especially in my childhood, but not in recent years. So the initial emotion was one that was familiar to me.

However, I soon realized she was a restless spirit. When I asked her, she was not interested in moving on into the light. She felt like there was nothing there for her. She was depressed and felt like her life had been spent doing what was expected of her, but she never got to live the life she wanted to live. She obviously had some money in her lifetime but it had not brought her happiness. So I called for her guardian spirit to come and help me to convince her that this was not the place for her. We convinced her that she had a soul group on the other side who missed her and wanted to share their experiences with her as well as help her to work through the issues she had faced in her lifetime. As I saw her going into the light, suddenly I saw her as a young woman in her twenties, the same bright read hair, and a similar hat, but wearing a huge smile and full of anticipation and hope. She smiled as she waved goodbye and then she was gone.

I know this ends up being a long message for today but I wanted to share this for a couple of reasons. One is to let you know that it is possible to pick up energy attachments when you are less than joyful in your human experience. People who are empathic have to be especially careful of this. If you find yourself feeling low for no apparent reason, then it is probably because you have picked up some energy that is not yours. It is important to keep your energy field clean, and periodically send back any energy that does not belong to you and call back any of your energy that you may have left in your travels through this life experience. But there is no reason to fear possession. If you keep yourself in a positive state of mind, the lower energies find this repulsive and will leave you alone for the most part. Emotions are the magnets that draw like energies to you. Keep yourself in a positive state of mind and you will find yourself drawing more positive experiences your way.

Today I was happy to be of assistance to this woman. I am glad she found peace. On to the next.....
(.... oh I didn't just say that, did I?....)

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