Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life is Medicine

Yes I realize it has been almost two weeks since my last blog.  No the Angels did not take a vacation. I have actually been very busy receiving some messages and information for the next step. I am very excited for the things which are to come, both personally and collectively.

The major message I had gotten at the beginning of the year to guide me through this year was that this year was to be a year of great change. Those who study numerology know that this year is a 5 year, 5 being the number of change, movement, and surprises. In a five year things often happen unexpectedly, which, as you well know, can be good and it can be not so good. My personal numbers correspond with the universal numbers, so I have been expecting some changes as well. I made up my mind at the beginning of the year that the changes were going to be good ones, and I believe we have the power over our own lives to make those decisions. Even if things happen unexpectedly to knock us off balance or surprise us, nothing happens by accident. Even challenges can lead to positive outcomes. Sometimes you could experience a challenge and say, " this is not a positive change. How can you say that you just decided that the changes were going to be positive?"  I say that life is all about change, and growth, and what is around the corner. Yes, sometimes change is painful, but it is all good.

Recently I have been learning about the Native American concept of the medicine wheel. The theory is that everything that happens in our lives happens in a particular order, or cycle. Sometimes we would like to circumvent some of the necessary steps in that cycle, and skip over the more painful or challenging aspects of the cycle of life, but that is not to be. We all have to be willing to move through each part of our lives, and fully experience all the aspects of our lives so we can come to the end of our lives and say... "I get it." This is actually a position on the medicine wheel of life. Some of us will go around the cycle only once in our entire life, and some of us will go around several times. Each time we go over a cycle we learn something new. Sometimes when we don't learn it we have to experience it again, as some of us can attest that we seem to go through the same difficulties over and over. We may have relationships that are eerily similar. We may go through bankruptcy or job changes, or health challenges over and over, and it seems we are on a treadmill, always moving but never going anywhere.

Of course what the ideal situation would be is if we would come to a place where we embrace each step we take on the medicine wheel of life. If we are going through a challenge, let us ask ourselves, "what is the lesson here?" We can also look back on the seemingly dark times and realize that the darkest of moments led us to a place of total surrender, where we had no choice but to move out of the darkness into the light. After that, we could honestly say, "I get it. I understand the lesson."

Let us embrace wherever we are on the medicine wheel of life. Medicine is that remedy we take to make us feel better. In Native American terms, life is medicine. Sometimes the medicine is bitter, and sometimes pleasant, but it is all for our benefit. It is possible to stuck somewhere on that wheel and not move forward. We can become despondent. We can decide that things we want have to happen in a specific way or according to a specific plan that we have made out for ourselves. Let me tell you that it doesn't work that way. Let us be open to all the Universal Life Force has for us. As we embrace life and all it has to offer, every day becomes an adventure.

I am looking forward to anything life has to offer me, and I am expecting that all change is going to be positive. I am looking forward to moving forward and my statement to the Universe is that whatever is best for me and all those who I love around me is what I want to happen. It doesn't have to happen exactly the way I expected that it would. Life is medicine. And it is all good.

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