Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Message Number Twenty Two

In my last message, I related a story of a woman whose spirit evidently followed me home from my trip away with my husband. I was not aware at first of her presence until I realized that the emotions I was feeling were not my own. A sure sign that she was there was that I was in a really good mood, coming back from a romantic weekend away with hubby, and then all of a sudden I was feeling low for no apparent reason.In this message I want to talk about how to raise your vibrations so you are always feeling good.

When I was a child, I remember always feeling sad. There was no apparent reason for a young child to feel sad. When I think back, I cannot point to anything in particular in my outside circumstances that would warrant such feelings. But I was sad on the inside. I remember feeling like I was in the wrong place. I just felt out of place. As I grew up these feelings did not go away. I was really good at pretending to be happy, because that was what was expected of me. I was raised believing in the born again experience, and it was taught to me that there is this empty place inside of our hearts that can only be filled by a relationship with Jesus. I had that relationship. So why was I not happy?

Fast forward. Years and years. Now I know what being happy feels like. To what do I attribute my happiness? I found my happiness by going within myself and connecting with my heart. Yes I could say that I am happy because I found a wonderful husband, a good job, my family members are doing well for the most part. These are all wonderful things. No major problems. But those things are all external evidences of what is inside my heart.

What I have learned is that when I connect with my heart and feel the love and the joy that is inside myself, then the things on the outside just seem to take care of themselves. Yes there is still work to do. Yes I still have issues I am working on. I still have things I want to accomplish during my lifetime. But I have learned that when I am still and connect with my heart, everything goes better.

Here is a little meditation my Angels showed me. I get still. I close my eyes. I imagine the place inside of myself where my heart is. I imagine that there is a warm, glowing, sun-like energy there in the center of my chest. I will feel the emotions of love, peace, or joy. If I am in a place emotionally where it is hard to feel those emotions, then I will just imagine the words...love.... peace.....joy.....

If I am in a low place in my life when I do this meditation, then I will imagine the emotions that I am feeling being absorbed by the emotion of love and this glowing energy force. Or I will imagine that the love is growing bigger and bigger and the lower emotions are getting smaller or being eliminated by the emotions of love.

You can also do this meditation to connect with others. Always make sure the connections you have with others are those that come from the heart. When you are connecting with others out of guilt, obligation, fear, anger, or any emotion other than love, then the soul ties are unhealthy, as I mentioned in a previous message. Imagine those connections being severed and then imagine another connection with the same person coming from your heart to theirs. This will assure you that your connections with others are healthy ones. In your interactions with others, just go inside yourself and do a little check to see if the connection is coming from your heart.

You can also connect with your Higher Powers this way. Imagine a cord of light coming from your heart to the heart of your Higher Power. Imagine them sending you love and light through this cord.

The Angels wanted me to share this little visualization technique because it is so important to always be connected to your heart. You will have a much more positive life experience and things in your life will get better!! If you are in a place where it is hard to imagine this, then just say the words .... love ... joy....peace.....until the emotions connected with these words start flowing.....

You can do this little visualization anytime, anywhere. It does not take long to imagine that warm glowing feeling inside your heart. Thank the Universe or your Higher Powers or just thank the power of Love. 

Do this for thirty days and see if your life does not get better!!

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