Friday, February 3, 2012

Message Number Twenty

In my last message from the Angels I wrote about my two word message, "get still," and how sometimes that is quite a challenge. That message came to me on Sunday, as I wrote, but it was Thursday before I posted it. So I have had a few days to fit getting still into my schedule. (sounds funny, doesn't it that I have to fit getting still into my schedule?)  So anyway, yesterday morning, after posting message number nineteen and then showering and getting ready for work, I found that I once again had about a half hour to "get still." I made sure my keys and all other necessities were ready to go, and off I went to meditate.

Everyone meditates differently. Even I do different things on different days. Some days I have a guided meditation that I walk myself through, making sure I am grounded to the Mother Earth and also connected to Father Sky. I make sure my Guides, Power Animals, and Angels are invited into my meditation. This time I was guided to just connect with my soul and the feeling of love. I called back any energy that was scattered over the universe that belonged to me and sent back any energy that was not mine. I made sure my boundaries were intact. Then I asked my guides if they had a message for me.
I was led to my Angel cards, which I use sometimes for divination, sometimes for inspiration, for myself and others. I use my pendulum to make sure I have the card I am meant to have for the day.

And the card said that I had a past life issue that, if addressed, would help me with my current problem. I had to think a minute to decide.. what is my current problem? (wow is that a wonderful place to be in, when I have to think of a problem!!) Oh yes. I guess my current problem is my issue with doing doing doing versus getting still.....

Immediately I was told that in previous lifetimes I had to work very hard for every little good thing that I experienced and I still have this belief that every step forward comes with a lot of hard work. And so They told me that I needed to release that belief. So here is my next statement of intent.....

I now release the belief that I have to work very hard for every step forward. I now allow good to come to me effortlessly. I feel relaxed and at ease.

I thought maybe those who read this may benefit also from this statement. All of us can probably relate to a belief similar to the one that was revealed to me. So now I am just expecting wonderful miracles to appear at my doorstep!!

Now I am not saying that we do not have to put any action to our intentions. Yes, we still have to act when it is appropriate. If we want a mate or a new job, we cannot just sit at home and wait for Prince Charming to appear at the doorstep or the phone to ring and the perfect job is waiting for us to just accept it. No, we still have to put feet to our prayers, so to speak, but I am talking about the striving, the attitude of ... this is so hard and it is a lot of work and I only seem to move ahead an inch at a time. That part is the part I am eliminating from my belief system.

I am wondering if anyone else could benefit from this shift in their belief system as well. I am saying that everything I need is provided for me, including the information I need and the wisdom to put action to my intentions.

Message for today.......what belief system is holding you back from experiencing your highest good? Ask the Angels.. they will be happy to tell you. And let's go out there and expect miracles!!

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