Thursday, February 2, 2012

Message Number Nineteen

Here is a sample of my day. Up between six and seven a.m. Off to gym depending on what time I got up, sometimes off to the other room to exercise. Hopefully I went to gym and got a message while on elliptical, especially since I have been doing this thirty days of messages. Home to shower, write blog while eating cereal. Off to work. Hour lunch spent checking in with daughter, checking messages, a bite to eat. Back to work. Off work between six thirty and seven,depending on what day it is. Home for dinner, spend a little time with hubby, dishes (okay, hubby and I split dishes duty), sometimes if I have not written blog yet, off to computer to write blog. Oh, yes, call dad sometime during that time. Off to bed.

Sunday morning, I was on treadmill, connecting with guides. I asked them if they had a message for me. In front of me is this brick wall. I am focusing on the bricks in the wall. (I learned to focus on something in front of me twenty six years ago while taking Lamaze classes). I distinctly heard my guides tell me sometimes I just need to get still. REALLY? And when is that likely to occur? I remember asking them.

Okay. So Monday morning I got ready for work a little early and I remember thinking okay, I have a half hour to get still. It was really great. Meditation.  Focused. Felt really great. I ask my guides if they have a message for me...."sit still."  (Not again, I thought)....... Opened eyes. Oh no. Fifteen minutes to get to work. Where are my keys?!!!

NO keys. Looked everywhere. Looked in purse. Car. House. Three minutes late to work. Still no keys. (I might mention work keys, not car or house keys.) Luckily there are spare keys at work for emergency. Lunch. Get home. Guess what. Keys were in purse all along......!! Really......hmmm. Normally I would have spent that half hour making sure I had everything and due to my Capricorn tendencies I would have been to work at least fifteen minutes early. But I was trying to do what Spirit told me and get still.....

Well. So I asked Spirit again. Get still? Really? When? And what about when I try to take time to get still then I am late doing normal stuff like finding keys and fixing my lunch and etc etc etc. And Spirit still says.. get still...

So the message for today is... Get I obviously need....and maybe someone else does too...

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