Thursday, February 9, 2012

Message Number Twenty Four

I know those of you who have been checking for my message of the day that it is kind of late in the day for message number twenty four. Last evening I got still and waited. No message. Ok. This morning I got up and went to the gym. Today was my circuit training day and I seldom get a message while working out on the machines. I did at one point get a sensation. I felt a presence kind of blow in, almost like a wind, but not a physical wind. Immediately I had the knowingness that it was Archangel Michael.

Now I am not one who communicates with particular Angels very often. My Angels tell me that they would like to be called Higher Beings of Love and Light. I am not sure if that is because the group of Angels I communicate with is different from the ones people are familiar with or if they just are not that concerned with names. They did tell me once that we humans were the ones that needed to associate them with names, not the Angels. They once told me I could name them anything I wanted to because they came whenever I called no matter what name I gave them.

But this time was different. I knew in my heart of hearts that it was Michael.  Now Archangel Michael is not usually the one we think of when we are getting messages from the Higher Realms, but I hadn't gotten my message for the day yet, so I asked Him if He had a message for me. No answer. And He was only there a moment. Then the Presence was gone.

I got done at the gym. Went home. Showered. Sat in my quiet place. Still no message. Okay so I thought I would eventually get a message. When I got my lunch break from work I came home and the computer wouldn't even let me log on. I took that as a sign that I would get a message sometime later in the day.

Well so I didn't get a message today. I got a wind. And the presence of Michael. And that is all. That is pretty incredible in itself but what to say? Michael is the Angel of protection. Perhaps I needed some protection today and even though nothing out of the ordinary occurred there is no way to know that if he hadn't shown up things would have been different.

Thanks Michael. For the stuff I know and the stuff I don't know and maybe don't want or need to know.

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