Thursday, February 16, 2012

Message Number Thirty

If you have been reading my blogs, you know that back in December the Angels told me that I was to write a message a day for thirty days the month of January. I didn't listen at first. I was worried. Worried that no one would read them every day. (my husband says to me, "not everyone lives in Joy's world.") Worried that I would not have enough time every day to get still and get a message (I did miss a day here and there.) Worried that maybe I would not get a message or that if I did it may be misunderstood or unappreciated. Worry worry. So anyway, two weeks into January my Angels brought the subject up again. Okay, so better late than never. I listened to them,  got still and wrote a message a day. It was a lesson in trust. At first I was trying to receive more than one message at a time, just in case one day I didn't have time or maybe the Angels forgot or maybe I was not tuned in properly and did not get a message one day.

Now that today is the last day of the thirty days of messages, I am happy to have accomplished my goal and I hope the messages have spoken to those of you who kept up with them. I will go back to my previous habit of writing a message one or two days a week, whenever the Angels give them to me. I have received some additional instructions for the next step in this journey with the Angels, which I will announce when the time is right. In the meantime, here is the message the Angels wanted me to give you today.

The Angels wanted me to explain to you what I mean when I claim to receive messages from the Angels. Who are they? Do they have names? Are they really Angels?

I use the term Angels when I refer to receiving messages because it is just easier than saying .. well today the message is from Gabriel or so and so. They don't always tell me their names. When I was active in the church I felt that the messages were from the Holy Spirit. The place from which I heard the messages then is the same place I hear them from now. When I ask Them who they are they just tell me that they are Beings of Love and Light. When I am with them I feel love. I feel lighter. They cannot be from a bad place, which is a question I also sometimes receive. Those in some religious circles claim that if I am not in relationship with a particular religion then the voices I hear have to be from the Devil. Well, clearly, the Devil, if he even exists, could not possibly come up with messages that make people feel good, and why would he want to? I say, don't live in such a small box. God is big. The Universe is big. Yes, I talk to Jesus regularly.. But He does not mind when I talk to other Ascended Masters as well. Actually, I regularly meet with a group of five ascended masters and they talk to me about many things.

I guess the message for today is that the truth will always make you feel good and lighter and lies will make you feel bad. I will talk more about that at a later date but if you are hearing messages from Spirit and you are afraid because of your religious upbringing that they are coming from the dark side, ask yourself how do you feel when you are connecting to them? Do you feel light and happy or do you feel heavy or fearful or sad? If you feel fearful is the fear coming from the religious teachings that have made you worry about connecting with dark angels that claim to be of the light? Some time I will talk about the years of religious exposure I had that left me feeling fearful and sad all the time. Let me ask you this. When you turn on a light bulb, does it pretend to be dark? Does the dark pretend to be light? How absurd!! Does the dark say, don't turn that light on. Does the light say, watch out for the darkness? No. You turn on the light and the dark goes away, completely on its own. End of story.

If you are afraid of the dark, Turn on the light. Let go of all you think you know about good and bad, right and wrong. Listen to your heart.

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  1. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this!

    If you are afraid of the dark, Turn on the light. Let go of all you think you know about good and bad, right and wrong. Listen to your heart.