Friday, February 17, 2012

Where Is That Coming From?

I was kind of looking forward to taking a couple days off from messages but this one came to me loud and clear yesterday and so I had to share.

Last weekend I was listening to a recording of some manifesting techniques and the woman doing the broadcast suggested that in order to clear ourselves of negative thinking, which is a big obstacle if you are trying to manifest something, that whenever a negative thought comes through your mind, you disown the thought by saying, " I wonder who that thought belongs to?" Well, I will have to say that most of the time I am a very positive person, but yesterday it happened to me twice, with surprising results.

I was at work at the Post Office. It was a slow day. I was standing out in the lobby, just standing there, really, and there were just a couple of people milling around. The thought crossed my mind that someone there didn't like me. Immediately I disowned the thought, thinking to myself, "I wonder who that thought belongs to?" My next customer came up to me, and after I waited on her, I suggested she go into the office and see if a supervisor could help her with her issue. Imagine my surprise when she went into the office and complained to my supervisor that I was rude to her, and that I was rude to her every time she came into the Post Office!! Now I will admit that sometimes I am not always full of love and light, but I honestly do not remember this woman or ever being rude to her. However, the synchronicity of the event was not lost to me. I had just had the thought that someone there didn't like me, and immediately after asking the question "I wonder who that thought belongs to" I was given the answer to the question.

Second event. It is about half past midnight. I am half awake, half asleep, and I wake up in a panic. On occasion I awake in the night and feel panicky as if there is someone in the house. I get up, take a quick walk through the house. There is no one in the house. I say to myself, "I wonder who that thought belonged to?" It was more of an emotion, really, not a thought, but immediately I felt the presence of a woman. She told me that she had drowned in a pond of some kind in Front Royal. She showed me the road where the body of water is, which is a road which is directly beside another road, both of them gravel or maybe dirt roads. The road to the left is a public road, possibly a park or a something like that. There is a white SUV and a pickup truck. She wants me to find her body. I told her that she needed to cross into the light. I am assuming this just happened recently but it is possible it happened a long time ago and she just found me. She said no, she was not ready to cross. She is in a dark place. I send her love and light. She has dark brown hair and maybe from Israel? I don't know. I just heard Israel. I also heard Alice. I am not sure if that is her name but that is the name that came to my mind. Anyway, if anyone reading this is familiar with any missing persons in Front Royal that this sounds familiar with, this is what I got. Maybe one day I will get my husband to drive with me to Front Royal and look for the road I saw. It could be anywhere but I know it is near Front Royal.

If you have empathic tendencies, it is easy to mistake random thoughts for your own. By disowning these thoughts, you realize that we are more connected than we think. I am sending love and light to both women in my story, both the one who is alive and the one who has passed. I hope that both of them find peace. Thanks to Spirit, who has taught me this little sentence to use to distinguish my own thoughts from those of others around me.

Peace to all who read this.

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