Monday, September 22, 2014

Cleaning out the Closet, and Thoughts About the Dark Moon

Yes, the new moon is upon us. If you have read my previous posts on the new moon, you know I like the term dark moon better, because it describes the actual state of the moon. In my way of thinking, the moon is not "new" until you see that first little sliver of moon after the dark moon. The energies are completely different.

According to my calendar, the moon will be dark on the early morning hours (2:14 a.m. specifically) of September 24th. This is why you may see some discrepancy as to the date of the dark moon. Depending on where in the world you are, you may experience the dark moon late in the evening on the 23rd.

We all experience the moons in different ways. Up until the dark moon, the energy has been about releasing what is no longer helpful, healing, and in your best interests. This may be relationships, jobs, or, in my case, all the crap that has been accumulating in my closets. Yesterday, I decided it was time to release all of the no longer useful things that have been taking up space in my closets. I am really trying to get it done before the new moon early Wednesday morning.

Here is what I like to do. Whenever I am impressed to take on a project, I like to think about what it may represent in my life symbolically. To me, closets represent things that are hidden from view. I am one of those people who stuffs things in closets and drawers when I know company is coming. I may or may not immediately go back to those closets and drag out those things that I have hidden there right away after the company has left. This results in losing a lot of stuff!

So while I am busy cleaning out my closets and drawers, symbolically I am releasing those things in my life that are not necessarily open to public view. Maybe even things that I hide even from myself.

We all like everyone to think that we have it all together, all the time. Cleaning out closets represent to me the part of myself that I have stuffed away out of view.

What I have discovered from my project of cleaning out my closets is that a lot of little things end up cluttering up your closets! Things that I don't necessarily need or want, but I just can't seem to part with.

We are all familiar with the term: coming out of the closet. Long before it represented "coming out" about a person's sexual identity, it represented revealing a secret of some kind.

Today, while my husband was cleaning out his portion of the linen closet, he found a dainty necklace with a heart on it. He asked me if I had forgotten about it. I admitted I had never seen it before. There it was, for at least the eleven years since we have lived in our home, hanging in the back of the linen closet, forgotten. It must have belonged to the previous owners.

What treasures do you have hanging in the back of your heart? Forgotten amidst the clutter, waiting to be discovered? Sometimes in order to find the treasure, you have to clean out the shit!

Do you have forgotten treasures that are waiting for the clutter to be removed so that they can be revealed?

 What is it that you are ready to release? Anger? Resentment? A relationship that has outlived its time? Get ready, I am thinking now might be a good time to do that!! September is a "nine" month in Numerology. Nines are about releasing things, completing unfinished projects, endings, and surrender. In the tarot the nine card is the hermit. Go within yourself and find the wisdom you need. Take some time apart. I am finding personally that the "nine" energy has been particularly strong this month. And Spirit has indicated that October is set to be a month of new beginnings, and major changes. October is a "ten" month. The card in the tarot which is a "ten" is the card of the wheel of fortune. Things are going to change. It is also a month of new beginnings. Sometimes change is at first difficult if it is to bring new things into our lives. When a baby is born first there has to be that painful birthing process.

Let us spend some time releasing those things which no longer serve us so that we can be ready for the upcoming changes sure to occur in October. Remember, you can't pour water into a cup that is already full! It is time to empty your cup of all those things that are no longer useful to you so that your cup can be filled with new things!

Just for today, I encourage you to spend a little time thinking about what is no longer serving you and what is in your life that you no longer love? Release those things so you can be ready for what's coming up!

As always, I am at your service! Please do not hesitate to contact me for a personal session. You can contact me HERE. Happy Dark Moon!


  1. So, I was cleaning up my email folder a little when I decided to re-read this one before deleting it (after all,I can still come to it here if I really need to right?). De-cluttering and letting go are something I have a tremendous amount of trouble doing and I'm not quite sure why. Often, I think it's not about letting go but HOW I let it go. For example, my daughter is starting kindergarden and comes home with lots of papers w/ scribble drawings, etc. and I find it very painful to toss them even though I know I can't keep them all and they are supposed to be practice. I feel like they are a part of her and have her some essence of her imprinted in them, which they really do if you think about handwriting and brain wave activity and other esoteric imprints. Well, my solution is to put the worksheets into paper recycling, even though I don't know if paper with crayon on it can be recycled and honestly I'm not sure I want to know. I prefer to think of it as giving it to the Angels and I'll let them (or the people I imagine in the recycling plant monitoring what goes into the machines) to decide what to do with it. Her artwork, I get her permission to put them in the shredder. Then I put the shredded papers in my worm bin where it provides bedding and food to nourish our wormies and then use their waste (casings) from eating the artwork, to mix in with dirt that then nourishes the landscaping, potted plants, and a few vegetables we grow and eat. Then the cuttings from the vegetables and plants go back into the worm bin or compost pile to go through the cycle again! I also feed worms to my fish sometimes. But what makes me feel good about doing it this way, even though it's a lot more work, is that we are, in effect, infusing her/our essence/life force, back into ourselves and and all the living things in our immediate environment, and by the same pathways, we are also taking in the a part of the worms, the plants, the dirt, etc. I think this must be a large part of what is means to be connected to the land. I think it also makes it a little easier for my daughter when she knows her drawings aren't just being trashed but have the honor of feeding her wormie friends. That's just her papers though, lol there is so much more I don't quite know how to appropriately honor but I think art is another pathway to honoring what is no longer needed. People have made some astonishing creations out of other peoples' trash and it really has me thinking about the beauty and creativity that can come out of things that are no longer working. Hope this isn't too long. Thanks for your post, I found it helpful to remind myself of this jewel of a lesson. :-)

  2. I love that idea, Natalie! I say as long as she is okay with it, go for it! I know my grandson remembers every piece of artwork he draws me and he pays attention when one comes up missing off the refrigerator! I imagine at some point he will outgrow that but for now on the fridge they shall remain!