Saturday, March 27, 2010

Inspiration or Imagination?

After my last two blogs about my two encounters with Ascended Masters I started contemplating how to tell the difference between a real encounter and something I have just imagined in my head. I guess when I wrote about the encounter I thought to myself that some people reading my blogs might find it a little unbelievable that I could have such an encounter while outside running or even that such an encounter could occur at all. That caused some doubt to arise within me and make me wonder myself how such a thing could occur or whether I was just off in my imagination while running.

A thing occurs within me when such an encounter occurs. It is not something I can just make up in my head because the energy within me changes. My heartbeat changes, my breathing changes, and if I try to duplicate it later, nothing happens. I know that my heart rate and my breathing would change anyway during the process of running, but it is a different change. It is not one I can just conjure up at will. Just to be sure, later I attempted to recreate the experience and nothing occurred. I asked the prophet Daniel to make Himself known to me to help me with some dreams I had been having, and still, two days later, nothing. The dreams keep coming, however, and when He does show up I am going to have some major questions for Him.

In the meantime, I will keep writing it down when I get an inspiration, and if the reader feels it has value for them, then that is good. Maybe the message was intended for them. If not, then that is okay too. I have a feeling that the Higher Powers have messages for us and They are just looking for voices willing to speak those messages out. I have to have faith that the messages I get were given to me for a reason.

The biggest thing to remember is that I don't just think this stuff up myself. I couldn't possibly have enough knowledge or wisdom to give anyone advise or messages from my own mind or from anything I would have on my own. The messages or insight I receive comes from the Unseen Realms that exist both within us and around us. I always ask to receive guidance from the Highest Source available to me so that I am not receiving messages from entities that may not have any more enlightenment than I do. I ask to be a pipeline, a conduit of information, healing, love and light from the Higher Realms.

So this request is from me to the Angels, Ascended Masters, and Higher Beings of Love and Light: I am available to you to bring your messages of love, light, healings,and inspirations to anyone in need of your energies. I will say what You need me to say and I will not doubt the Source. I know that Your Messages will always be filled with Love and Enlightenment, so I need not worry that I am hearing incorrectly. So be it.


  1. I have really enjoyed these last 3 blogs, Joy. I have no doubt that what you are hearing or feeling or knowing is correct and you should have no doubt either. It takes imagination (or the belief in something unseeable with the naked eye) to connect. I look forward to your hearing from Daniel...he and I have a special bond. Blessings, Terri

  2. Thanks Terri!! I guess sometimes I begin to wonder if I am really hearing correctly or if I have just imagined it and then I don't hear anything for awhile and it makes me realize that I don't have enough of an imagination on my own to make this stuff up........LOL