Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Blinds

Recently I was exercising on the elliptical machine and I immediately fell into a state of meditation, which I often do while exercising. I had earlier received a message that I needed to inform the Gatekeeper of my intentions. The Gatekeeper had appeared to me before and I had wondered who he was. This time I sensed that he was a watcher between the worlds.

This time I sensed a set of blinds that separated this world from the realm of light. The blinds were mostly open and the Gatekeeper stood just on the other side of the blinds from the side I was on. The light was on the side where the Gatekeeper stood and I stood on the dark side looking through the blinds into the side of light.

So I said to the Gatekeeper, "I intend to explore the side of Light." And the Gatekeeper let me in.

Then I saw who I sensed was Archangel Gabriel (or Gabriella, for she appeared to me to be female). She was beautiful with long chestnut brown hair. She held her hand out to me and especially toward my heart. There was a particular beat like the pulsing of my heart but the whole atmosphere around her beat with this pulsing beat. I felt she was changing my vibration in some way. Then she smiled and it was over. I felt shocked back into present time and I regretted that I hadn't come back to reality more gradually.

I asked my Spirit Guide what this vision meant and He said that very soon I would be crossing over a threshold similar to the vision of the blinds. It would be very much like crossing over from darkness into light. Where sometimes now it takes great concentration to get into the non physical realm soon it would be easier, kind of like just stepping from one room into another one.

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