Thursday, March 18, 2010

Timing and Daffodils

Having spent my day off this week working out in my yard, I wanted to write a little bit about timing. I very often get messages while outside in nature, usually when I am running but also working out in the yard I feel an affinity with the Mother Earth and the plants, flowers, trees, and the cycle of life and very often Mother Nature has words of wisdom lying deep within her soil and when I get close to the earth, digging or raking or planting flowers, I can hear her soft voice whisper messages to me, ever so softly.

This week I was so excited to be outside, rake in hand, getting rid of the old dead leaves and twigs which had outlived their usefulness and replacing them with fresh new mulch, carefully avoiding the tender shoots of the daffodils and tulips which were starting to pop their heads up but many were hiding under mountains of dead leaves, wet from days of rain and months of snow. I discovered that the rake was often too abrasive, that I could not avoid damaging the tender plants under the leaves unless I got down there and picked up the leaves with my bare hands, feeling around for the tender shoots under the leaves. Mother Earth seemed to whisper to me that many of us have new growth inside of us, just bursting with anticipation at the thought of blooming, but had to push through wet soil and dead leaves to find the fresh air and sun waiting for us through the darkness of the womb inside of us, not unlike the womb of Mother Earth, holding her plants until the perfect time, which only Divine Timing, warmth, sun, and rain would bring forth the perfect blooms at the perfect time. Mother Earth reminded me that each plant only blooms when its perfect time comes, not a minute sooner or later. You never find daffodils blooming in January or August. The Divine Stuff inside of each daffodil reminds each individual plant when it is time to start pushing up out of the soil.

We may in our anticipation want to see the flowers bloom before their time, but it would not benefit us or the daffodils. I thought about the many things I would like to see come to pass in my life and how I eagerly wait with anticipation, I visualize, I say affirmations, I meditate my intentions, and still I get up every morning and go to work and come home and I wonder, where have I made a difference today? Where have I made the world a better place, where have I sent light into the darkness, where have I brought healing to the sick or done something to make someone's life a little better? And I see no change.

So this evening I asked the Angels, what message do you have for me today? And They said to me, Do not try to force doors open that are closed. Look for the open door and walk through it. In other words, do not try to make your daffodils bloom.They will bloom on their own.(The Angels and Mother Earth seem to have the same message for me!) But who is to say what benefit I may bring to someone just by smiling at them at the Post Office and assisting them with their needs? Just by raising the mood of one customer I have assisted the earth in raising its vibration by one notch. This appears to be my open door for the moment. I am to bloom where I am planted. And I have apparently been planted at the Post Office. My Angels told me that I am a healer. But I just happen to work at the Post Office. I hesitate to call myself a healer. But anytime one of us assists another one of us in raising our vibration a notch then we all have the potential to be a healer. If I make you feel better about your contribution to the world, then I have healed a small place inside of you. And you can do the same for someone else. If, while I am working, I am meditating on peace, then I am raising the vibration of the planet one notch toward peace. We do not manifest peace by going to war, by complaining, arguing, or judging others. We manifest peace by being peace. Does that make me a healer? In a way, I guess. Not the kind of healer that I thought. But who's to say which is better? We cannot know what good we have done just by being the one who radiates peace or love or joy in our everyday workplace.

And so I am happy that it is spring. I am happy the air is warmer and the daffodils are getting ready to bloom ( I actually have one that has bloomed in the yard, the rest are getting close.). Does this mean that the dreams inside of me are getting ready to bloom as well? Maybe. In the meantime I will just do what I do. I will meditate on peace and love and I will send love into every package that is mailed at my counter. I will send thoughts of love and healing to every person I wait on at the counter at the Post Office, even the ones who are mean to me (not always easy... a person tends to attract the energy that is inside of them.. waiting on mean people tends to bring out the meanness in me... mmm I think that is a blog for another day...)And one day I will look at myself and say.... hmmm my daffodils are blooming!

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