Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dreams of Bees

In previous blogs back in the summer I had written about some experiences I had had with bees who had taken up residence at my home. In my yard last summer I had at least three separate nests of bees in different sections of my yard. At one point one of the nests of bees, yellow jackets I think, had attacked my tush while I was out pulling weeds. I had contemplated in my blogs last summer what messages the bees might have for me or why the Universe had chosen to allow three separate nests of bees to take up residence in my yard. Bees are often a symbol of the afterlife, and my husband had recently taken an interest in investigating the paranormal.

Last night I had a dream about bees, and they were following me from room to room and getting in my hair. No matter what I did I could not get away from the bees. Upon awakening I remembered my experiences with them last summer and how annoyed I was that they were infringing on my territory. I realized at once that the bees were not finished with me and that I better make peace with them. I remembered what I had recently learned about asking the Angels questions and then writing down the answer. I have had some success with this method of communication and so I thought I would try it again in relation to the bees. First though, I thought I would look up animal messages on my search engine and see what the internet turned up for me.

The sight I landed on said that when you dream of bees it symbolizes communication. This coincides with my original investigation which said that bees symbolize the afterlife. Recently I had written a blog where I asked my mom if she had anything she would like to communicate from the other side and I wrote what I felt like she was communicating to me. Since the bees in the dream were following me around from room to room and getting in my hair, it appears that maybe there might be some message in it to me about maybe some forms of communication with the Other Side was getting in my hair, so to speak.

My questions to my Angel of Communication is, is there anything You would like to share with me about the symbolism of the dream in relation to the bees? In this case I feel the Angels telling me that the Higher Levels of Entities on the Other Side will never follow you around and bug you and get in your hair. They realize that the whole concept of free will is in charge and unless you request Their help, they will stand by and watch you live your life in the way you choose. If there is communication from entities that seem to follow you around and bug you, it will always be from something within yourself that has allowed an opening. However, if you request help from the Higher Realms, they will jump to your assistance. You, Joy have a lot of ideas in your head and sometimes you feel like they are buzzing around in there and creating chaos, but in reality they are there because the ideas want out into the open and they have chosen you to bring them to the world. You are afraid the things you have to say have already been said, but there are things that you can say that others will benefit from that would never hear them from any other source. You also have a lot of memories of past lives and sometimes they come to you in your dreams. Remember in your dream that the bees never stung you, only your fear of them kept them coming back. It would benefit you to journey to the bee in a nonphysical journey and ask the spirit of the Bee what message it has for you. In the meantime, remember that you can always send love and light to the essence of the bee and its symbolism will come to you in a peaceful way, and not in a way that would cause you distress.

There may come a time when the communications you start receiving will seem like bees buzzing around in your head, and at that time you will remember the dream and its symbolism. The same will be true of sending love and light to the entities trying to get your attention. They just want to be heard. Someone needs to tell their stories.

This message I got as I was typing. The wording changed like they were talking directly to me. I hope this is appropriate for a blog.


  1. It's your can post whatever you like. I like your thought processes and how readily you ask for Angelic assistance. If everyone did that, the world would be a much calmer, more loving place.

  2. thanks Terri!! I always appreciate your input!! I hope you know how much I value the things you speak into my life......

  3. There is so much goddess lore about bees!! One of my teachers, Layne Redmond, delved deeply into this while she was alive. The sound of the buzzing is a sacred sound. There is a rich community of frame drummers around the world all tuned into the sacred bee. Also, of course, they are the source of all our food. Namaste. (Check out

    1. I love this, thanks! I always wondered why this particular blog got so many more readers than any of my other posts. It must be because the bees have more to reveal to me! I will definitely check out your suggestion!