Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Masters, Part Two

In my blog this morning I wrote about a visit into nonphysical reality during my run. I would like to add a few tidbits of the conversation that I did not mention in the previous blog.

I had mentioned this was my second visit with the Ascended Masters. As today has progressed I have tried to remember the particulars of the first visit. I remember the Ascended Masters telling me that each of Them carried a particular vibration unique to each of Them, although in reality, all is one. It is similar to different notes in a chord of music. They each had particular gifts to give mankind and each vibrated at a different energy level. Jesus' vibration has to do with love and forgiveness, the Buddha's vibration was one of joy and inner peace, and the Ganesha had to do with manifestation and the removal of obstacles. At this point I am not sure if there were five figures in my first visit, I can only remember these three. I do remember asking the Ganesha if He really did have the head of an elephant and all those arms!! He laughed at me and said that He had appeared that way so that I would recognize Him. Jesus didn't necessarily have long hair and a beard either, or wear the same robe and sandals that I always saw Him in. The important thing for me to remember was how I felt when They were around. They have a particular vibration when They are around and if I closed my eyes and felt Their vibration, then I would recognize Their presence even if they did not appear to me the same way physically each time.

In the second visit I knew that there were five Masters, but I was not sure who the other two were. I could feel the presence of five, but two of them were not made clear to me who they were. So when They knew my question, Jesus said to me, who would you like Them to be? Can you think of any Masters whose vibrations you would like to receive assistance from? Immediately I thought of two Old Testament figures, whose gifts I'd admired. The first one was Daniel, an Old Testament prophet who was skilled at interpreting dreams.Lately I have been called upon to help with the interpretation of dreams, and I could use some help. Yes, he was the one who got thrown in the Lion's Den and came out unharmed. The second was Elijah, a prophet who never died but ascended into heaven in a chariot. I have enjoyed a lot of Elijah's words, although some of them were tough. He was not all that well liked in his day, but he never shrunk back from saying what he felt needed to be said.

I perceived that my requests were granted, and that my immediate task at hand is to sense the distinguishing vibrations of these Masters, so that I sense Their presence when I am being used as a conduit of healing to others. Was I actually in the presence of these Masters? Who knows. Maybe I just have an active imagination. But if I can be a force of light and love and healing on this planet to one or to many, who cares?

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