Friday, March 5, 2010

Clues from the Universe

I believe that the life we live and the things that happen to us are a direct result of the life we are living inside of ourselves. Things often happen on the outside of us that is a reflection of our thoughts, attitudes and emotions. If our thoughts inside of ourselves are chaotic, then our lives are likely to be the same way. The Universe is always listening to our inner thoughts and reflecting them back to us in the day to day experiences of our lives.

I am a big believer in signs. I am not always right in my interpretation of signs, but they are all around us. This also is a reflection of what is going on inside of us. Often when I get a cold, I turn inside of my self to see what is bothering me, what is clogging up my inner life, what is in my face? If my throat is hurting or especially if I lose my voice, I am asking my self what am I afraid to say? I used to get a lot of instances when my back would go out and I would find myself bedridden for a week or so and I found that my body was trying to get me to slow down. Sometimes it was necessary for the Universe to stop me in my tracks so I would spend some time in quiet reflection. I often found that right before a really big jump in my spiritual evolution, I would find that my back would go out. This is because it was the only way to get me to stop going. Lately I have really tried to spend time in quiet reflection often so the Universe does not have to do it for me.

Often when people lose their wallets it is a sign that the person that they are is changing in some way. Their identity may be going through a metamorphosis. I was talking to a friend today who is thinking of buying a new car and had lost the titles to her old cars. I said that cars represent a person's direction in life. Often when people buy new cars they are getting ready to have a change in direction. Often when a person has car problems it signifies some sort of dissatisfaction with the direction their life was heading in. Losing a title to a car could represent that the new direction that was coming was not a comfortable change. Maybe the old direction was not happy to be changing. All is not lost, however. Our Guides and Angels are always looking for ways to get our attention. Maybe they just wanted to teach her a new way of communicating with them so they could show her where the title was.

This belief of mine can work proactively as well. If there is something I want to create in my life, I can create some sign of it in a particular place that will make me think of it often and create what it is I want. This is the whole philosophy behind the ancient Asian practice of Feng Shue: placing furniture and articles in the household in particular ways to attract the most positive of energies flowing throughout the house. It is also the basis of the practice of creating vision boards. Do I think that if I don't know about the art of furniture placement and I arrange my furniture in a way that is not energetically pleasing to the Gods that I will have bad luck? No but I do believe that within us is an unconscious guidance system that compels us to arrange our furniture a certain way or place objects in our home in a certain way. I know that when my home is in a state of disarray usually there is a part of me that is also in disarray.

The good news is that we are all works in progress and the fact of the matter is that if we had reached enlightenment we would probably not be here. We all have areas of clutter or areas of our lives that need work. It is awfully nice of the Universe to give us clues by the things that happen to us what areas of our lives we need to work if we can just read the clues and act accordingly.....

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  1. Really like this one Joy! Thanks for the insight!