Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is Here!

Today is the first day of spring, and also, it is the spring equinox, when there are exactly twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness. I was reading this morning that today is a good day to set intentions, and to connect with Spirit with some kind of ritual, getting in tune with the Higher Realms to come to an agreement on what new things lie in store for the next several months. March is a "3" month and it is also a "3" year and there are three "3" days in the month of March as well. Three is a manifesting number, but also a number of fun and Doreen Virtue in her Angel Numbers book says 333 is the number for connecting with the Ascended Masters. So I decided since the Higher Realms decided to orchestrate it for me to have this day off from work without me having to ask for it off, it must be a sign that today was a special day and I was going to spend some time communing with the Higher Realms. As I started to meditate, a song started flowing out from within the womb of my spirit. It had no recognizable words but, being alone, I sang it out. I then began to commune with Spirit and announce my intention and request that I be a conduit of healing to the world around me. A conduit is just a channel. The healing would not come from me, but rather flow through me from Source to whoever is in need of the healing energy. I want my channels to be open and flowing freely. I imagined the channels flowing clearly from the higher realms. At that very moment as I was communicating this request to the Higher Realms, all of the electronic equipment in the house started beeping, like would happen when the power flickers on and off. I did not see the lights flutter, but the phone beeped, the computer powered off, the printer started talking to me. I felt like it was a sign from the Higher Realms that They had heard my request and they were sending a power surge to jump start me into manifesting this request.

I feel like my body has been sending me the message through my cycle which has been out of whack this month that there is something within the womb of my spirit which is waiting to be birthed. Maybe this is a sign from the Universe that the time has come to begin to birth that which is in there waiting for the right timing to spring forth into manifestation. My last blog was about timing and I had decided to just lay back and wait for the flowers to come up and bloom on their own. I have stated that my intention is to be a conduit of healing, in whatever form the Universe would like to use me. That could be, like I have stated before, just loving everyone that comes across my path. That could be actually sending healing energy to others through different methods that I have been learning about. It could be bringing healing messages to others from the Angels. In raising the vibration of the planet one notch, we are bringing healing to the planet as a whole.

I now feel like the time for moving forward is now. The time for following our dreams and doing what makes our hearts soar is now. The buds have been waiting in the ground and now they are popping up. The old dead leaves have been cleared away. The sun is shining and the flowers inside of us are eager to bloom!!

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